White Fox Nectars offers you the highest quality CBD infused with wild crafted herbs to gift you with formulations for vital and vibrant living. Utilizing organic MCT oil as a base for this product line we combine our full spectrum Hemp derived CBD into the mix to give you an unforgettable experience.

Our Full Spectrum CBD

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It’s my motion potion! White Fox Nectars is the fastest acting CBD, and the most potent I have ever had. I’ve had very aggressive juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years now. After about a week of taking the White Fox CBD oil daily I was able to stop taking the chemical prescribed meds and solely use white fox. 

I can feel the intention behind the product line and they work!

Alejandro Urias, Teacher

I started using White Fox Nectars' Repair Remedy Salve for anything that ailed me like a headache, post-workout soreness, cramps. I’d apply to the affected area and felt instant relief. The smell is also so intoxicating to me that I began to rub it on my hands like lotion, and now I carry it with me everywhere to offer it to anyone who shares their physical complaint!

It’s a magical medicine for sure.

Meghan Adkins, Sky City Design