Goodbye to Success as we Know It!

The new world order of Home Stay and marking whats essential and not has turned our oiled machine of a world to a screeching halt.  i know this pause has been rough on many but for those of you who are open to seeing how this huge stop in time is allowing for something greater to break through then you'll love this new download from Psilocybin.

Yes, I speak to the spirit of Psilocybin which to me is another form of god coming through in a fun little top hat and chalky stem who brings great big knowledge and understanding to the depths of this world as we know it.  The internal knowings that this spirit shows me comes in visions, words and a knowing all at once.

A beautiful crack in what was just occurred as our home stay got extended until April 30th, and I sat alone one night and asked Psilocybin, "What is the point of the word success?  What is true success for my soul?"

As a female badass business owner I have started White Fox Medicine an all organic Artisanal herbal medicine company that makes unique formulas from plant spirit guidance and I work with Cannabis and Hemp CBD flower in some of my formulas.  That company has taken off and fits the word "success" along with my other two companies that are both getting very close to launching which also speak to the importance of herbal botanical high grade alchemy and Psilocybin.  Galaxy Dust Tea is an herbal tea company with blends that include actual galaxy dust making this three tea line a deep spiritual journey, this company should have tea available in a few months time.  Psilocybin Love Medicine is a company I started that shares the wisdom from Psilocybin and also a magical herbal chocolate spread that you can add to your mushroom journeys.  

I would consider myself successful and as we enter this huge global shut down I see many people that are very successful begin to not have work and other's that are successful misuse their power to cultivate more greed and take advantage of other people.  

Asking what really is Success to our souls felt like a question I was ready to receive the answer to so I asked last night and what came through was a beautiful insight into something that is always steady, always constant, always there to support and nurture the success we so want to feel in our companies and jobs but in order to be able to witness this version o success and really melt into it a new way of seeing must be born.

This Corona Virus global pause is allowing the space and time for this new way of seeing to be born so this new way that we as a global define success can succeed itself into our lives as they are born anew from the huge journey we are all on right now.

SUCCESS : Psilocybin


If in the past success was viewed as stacks of money in the bank, large homes and first class travel along with your pick of the litter of partners then this new version will seem a bit far stretched, however once you actually try some of these new view points on you will certainly feel the alignment in your heart as these aren't beliefs I am sharing here these are universal laws created by the universe that once we align with carry us into a high vibrational state where heaven on hearth is born and we get to see everything through the eyes of god loving everything in sight and experiencing each moment with sheer presence.  Your heart knows this truth and will resonant with the following:

The energy behind the word success is a very receptive, kind, humble, open hearted vibration that is in perfect harmony with the earth and nature beings all around you.  It's walking up to a horse and feeling their divinity with one glance, knowing their strength and taking a moment to honor the beauty that is in front of you.  It's coming home from being outside to thanking the house you walk inside of, thanking the car that drove you home, loving the family that is around you for being so brilliantly themselves.  It's listening to a friend when they are down and out and witnessing another friend in pain to hold space for their experience.  It's allowing your plans for the day to come second to that of which the children around you request.  It's eating healthy balanced food to honor the beauty that is you and revel in what was created for you to walk this earth plane.  It's washing your mothers hair when she breaks her collarbone and bringing her meals for a week no matter you prefer to be doing.  It's realizing that everyone is doing the best they can do always and if they could do better they would.  it's putting kindness first over any other reaction and giving yourself the downtime to nurture your own needs also.


To your soul this is what success means, when you are in these types of energy exchanges you feel aligned with the greatest feeling and power that ever was, the energy of the universe moves through you freely as you align with the vibration that is the universe by redefining what success is.


It has nothing to do with your bank account, it has everything to do with how kind you are to people.  It has nothing to do with how many woman you sleep with, it has everything to do with how deep you allow your devotion to go with one woman.  It has nothing to do with how many cars you have, it has everything to do with how you take care of the people around you.


As the patriarchy falls in this global shut down was is to be born after is this new version of success, this new version of loving all around you as a spark of creator and getting out of your own way on the rat race to make more money.  Enjoy the slow down, allow it to imprint you and show you the depth of your own humble glory.

If you need help relaxing I can suggest a next level formula for you channeled from plant spirits to bring you the most ultimate state of relaxation and calm while also healing the nervous system...Its our TRANQUILITY CBD Formula which is currently helping many people stay calm, sleep well and stay in their center through this whole pausing experience.  It has also been known to create a bit of euphoria which opens the heart to new levels of giving and receiving love thanks to the herbal alchemy of mystical plants!



So enjoy the abundant global rest, enjoy the melting of what was not working before and enjoy the birthing of this new abundant world where success resonates with your soul and not your ego.