How to Become the Medicine

As I walk through this world I see many people living in panic, fear and sadness all due to them training their vibration to the vibration of social media, the news and the environment along with people around them.  It would make sense to our ego minds that what we see with our eyes is happening and we should feel and know this as a human truth, but as a Starseed being here to help you come to awaken I can tell you first hand this is the very challenge that we are here to evolve past.

Many think that the world is the object of our creation and what ever we have done or said or created in our karmic bank is why we are seeing and feeling what we are feeling.  What if I were to tell you that your actually the cure for this world?  Your actually the medicine the world is calling for?  Your here to see what is happening around you then transmute that through you while you love everything you feel about it.  

This knowing and thought process brings you make to the knowing that you are indeed a master of your own life while being a conduit for healing for the whole planet.  I am aware that the times at this moment feel crazy, intense and shattered however that is an abundant sign that great change is underway!  If your seeking more downloads on how to come back to remembrance and not have the outside world effect you be sure to tune into our IG account @whitefoxmedicine we always give messages about spirit downloads to help enhance your life and out White Fox You Tube Channel will have teachings from me as well.

In the meantime here is some tips that I use to stay in a high vibrational knowing that I AM the MEDICINE I seek:
In the morning I awaken, I sit up in bed and begin to breathe into each toe, each leg, my body and my arms and head and feel breathe come into me fully.

I set my intention to witness the world through the eyes of the universe today and as I breathe in that intention I take a full dropper of the Awareness and Vitality Tincture which is filled with immunity boosting herbs and also a bit of energy from the Maca and Reishi.

I then sit and breathe the medicine into my body and say prayers of thank you to the earth fro growing the medicine, the sun for it's life and me for creating it for the rest of the world.

I then read a few pages of an Enlightening book, right now I am reading "Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment" which is an incredible simple transmission on how to see this world as though you ARE the Medicine.
Then I shower and make tea!

This is my platform for honing in on directing my own energy from the inside out for the whole day, and through out the day when I may feel a tug to drama, fear or anger I breathe in deeply, and love what ever arises!  Everything I see and feel I make a conscious effort to love what is.

As I wind down for the day i come home to take a bath, I love to take the Tranquility Tincture when I finish work as it's my herbal remedy for helping my nervous system stay calm and healthy.

A fun thing to know also is when we are stressed or our nervouse system is in fight or flight we CANNOT act from our hearts, we will react rather then respond.  It's very wise to take care of your downtime, take healing herbs for your nervous system and lot's of baths!

I take a bath 6 nights a week and also sometimes in the mornings!  It really helps me stay grounded, centered and loving to the world around me!



My prayer is these words help you in some way and bring you back to the knowing that YOU ARE the MEDICINE you SEEK!


Love, Scarlet AKA Starlight