I Dare You to Reconnect

In the current world we are blasted by the media, other's opinion through social media and a fast paced life....  Your Soul craves more.
It's our own Divine choice to choose OURSELVES over choosing what other's think we should be doing or prefer us to be doing... BUT we are the ones that have to make that choice!
With time speeding up and the media choosing to set fear into our heads I DARE you to unplug from the media, unplug from scrolling through social media and begin to reconnect with your divine self!
If you read the news your heart rate goes up and you begin to activate Fight, Flight or Freeze with your nervous system, in this state you cannot heal well.  It's important to spend as much time with tree's and nature as you do with your electronic devices, this actually takes you out of fight or flight and gives your nervous system a great exhale.
We alchemized TRANQUILITY just to help you feel that deep earthly loving exhale in any circumstance so you may gift your system with the support it needs to heal itself. 
Tranquility  is here to help you unwind your nerves and reconnect with your inner breathe, your heart and your soul.  It will also help with anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, self doubt and closed hearts.  This medicine is designed to open your heart, soothe your nerves and remind you of your inner happiness and pleasure and it does just that!
What could happen if you accepted our dare?  you MAY just begin to unplug from other's opinions and begin to REPLUG back into yourself!  Back into the unlimited potential that is you, you will begin to think for yourself, know your own inner guidance, feel drawn to your fascinations, feel waves of love and delight wash over you through out the day and feel happiness for unknown reasons.
So... Do you feel ready or called to replug back into yourself?  To live your life for you and no one else!  To know your own intuition like you know your IG account!  To know how your soul see's instead of how fox news see's?  It's time if your feeling the tug.... AND White Fox is here to support that !
Scarlet Ravin our intergalactic founder has just released a NEW BOOK!  She is an international Best Selling Author and Guide into the unknown and we are here to tell all of you for the first time about a Book that will help you unlock the magic inside of you!
A book of Scarlet Speaking to the Spirit of Psilocybin on why there are here for us at this time in our world, they share their mission!
It's a journey in it of itself, but it is also a guide... A very grounded guide as to how to live in LOVE now!

“I am awe struck by this holy book. Tears of hot heart nectar stream down my face, reading this channeled scripture. It drew me in, devoured me, and rebirthed me, just like a ceremonial journey itself. Heart-gasms are gushing all over my world. This full-spectrum literary medicine is sweet as honey, bitter and essential as the black earth, and celestial as light itself. Yet again, Scarlet Ravin serves as the hollow bone with this gift to humanity. She is helping to midwife the new-old paradigm of honoring the radical sacredness of the earth's myriad of beings, medicines, mind states, and even shadows. I will recommend this to ALL beings who ever intend to work with any sacred earth medicine.” 


Elizabeth Bast 

Holistic Coach for Spirit-Led Recovery, Sacred Medicine Support, & Visionary Life Design

Author of Heart Medicine: A True Love Story - One Couple's Quest for the Sacred Iboga Medicine & the Cure for Addiction


Surrounding yourself with High Vibrational Medicine along with relocating your body to more earth and nature experiences will grant you a huge shift into love and happiness here on earth now!

A beautiful Self Care Ritual to really sink your body into Love and delight is our Number one selling Repair Remedy Salve!



REPAIR REMEDY SALVE is here to give yourself time to exhale, love on your body, the Temple of your delightful Soul and nourish yourself.


With all that is happening with the global transformation we can choose to commit to caring for ourselves, that way we can bring in more love and compassion to this planet here and now!

Here at the White Fox Temple we hold space for the beings that want to care for themselves and remember their intergalactic roots!  If you have any questions or seek further guidance as to how to really realign your soul back with your body so you may have access to unlimited guidance and love we can help you!  Shoot us an email we will guide you!