Liberation is HERE NOW

Can you feel it?  The winds of change are swirling all around us in an abundant liberation of what was so we make make room for what's to come!  The moment of this time is asking us to "Change" and how we relate to change is the topic of this post.  
If you can let go of what was in a graceful way seeing it as an upgrade for YOU then you'll experience the bliss of LIBERATION!  
Breathing into the earth with your bare feet kissing her soft surface while you reach up to the stars, this is you!  You are the channel between the earth and stars all powerful, unified with all that is!
Nassim Haramein has launched a Unified Physics course online to teach you how to enter into a state of enlightenment through physics!  This course has just been made free online to support the great awakening we are all experiencing right now!  If you'd like to advance in your awareness and feel Heaven on Earth now CLICK HERE and join us!
I am in lesson two and already feel the unified field dancing through my life showing me all the magic of everything around me and it's fantastic!
We have launched a Cannabis Flower Essence "Liberation"  in honor of the new world and all it's magic!  
Liberation is upon us
15ml of vibrational cannabis flower essence
Ingredients: Spring Water, Brandy, Fox Tonic Cannabis Flower Essence
Dose: Drip Drop 1-4 drops as needed for a liberation of what was to make room for what's to come.
This Vibrational medicine is the Essence of the power of Cannabis, her walk through being illegal into coming into the light for all to enjoy is the same path we all must walk right now.  Allow this medicine to vibrate "Liberation" into your being, opening you up for what's to come and allowing you to gracefully let go of what no longer serves.
Hiding yourself no longer serves, shinning as bright as possible serves the liberation of the whole.  To take a moment each day to breathe in what you wish to shine that day adds light to this world, the more light we add to this world the brighter this earth becomes.  Do you want to witness and feel a bright shiny new earth?  Join me in liberation.
If your feeling like your ready to level up and you want to dance with the vibrational freedom of Cannabis then join us in freedom and sovereignty!  You do not have to follow the old world order of control, money and power.  Let go, live in Goddess energy of compassion, love, devotion and sovereignty!