Merging Back to our Star Origins

This is a very personal and Blessed post which is also an invitation to you and for you...
Today, during a session with my spiritual teacher as well as dear friend I was guided into a deep breathe practice which she explained to me while I laid upon my bed.  Open mouthed breathe in and out, in breathe was a yes, out breathe was releasing the density.
I set my intention to feel my full illumination to guide the session.
Previous to this session for the past few days I have been becoming increasingly 'fed up' with this planet and the way humans are behaving.  Watching so many to move through pain and vomit their pain onto other's is very disturbing to me as well as frustrating. 
As a Star Seed we feel love, send out love and live from love and devotion and all my actions are grounded in this love.  As my frustrations grew with humanity I began considering going home back to my stars, away from these people who are too deaf to even hear my messages and just live back in love with my star family.
This feeling increased and built up within me and I was ready to just throw my hands up and not help other's anymore.
As I was breathing I began to buzz, the exhale was releasing density and I could feel it and the more we moved into the session I began to go home.  
I began to step back through my breathe which became illuminated steps and I walked straight back to my Star home which was a tiny cluster of stars next to Alcyone where the Pleiadians live.
My star family was there with me, with their arms extended out waiting for me.  They all live and feel only love and when I sunk into my home and began to look around I realized, this is where I am from. These beings are my star family and for the first time I felt HOME.  It was magical, emotional, loving, nurturing and blissful.
Through telepathy they spoke to me and said, "You now have an open invitation to live here and come home when ever you please and you do not have to leave your Earth body.  Just simply breathe and come home to us."
I accepted the invitation and began to look back at myself in my earth body.  I finally for the first time understood why I never fit in here on earth.  I understood why it was s easy for other's to take advantage of me and so easy for other's cruelty to effect me for where I am from none of these things exists.  My existence here vibrational on earth is the SAME as my vibrational existence on my home star which means...I don't fit in here on earth.  Like ever.
That's ok, it's why I chose to come here at this time and anchor the light that is me and my star family for all human beings to be able to have access to more of our star ways.  I am an anchor.  I am a portal.  I am a star.  I am.
As I integrate this experience I solidify it through my writing which is a favorite method of mine for manifestation and anchoring new vibrational information for all to absorb if they are open and in a state of LOVE.
If your not in a state of LOVE you cannot see me, or feel me.  If your not in a state of LOVE you cannot transmute the density back to light.
With everything that's going on in this planet I say if your going to take away anything from this article, take away the fact that your built purely of LOVE, right here right now.  As soon as you awaken to this remembrance you to will be invited to go home and live multiple lives while you have a body here on earth.
You don't need a space ship to get back home to the stars or what ever planet you came from, you just need LOVE and breathe.
The formulas here at White Fox Nectars are from my star home.  My family there send me messages of what I can do to help people here on earth come back to love and they sent me the formulas that you now have access to on this website.
TRANQUILITY helps to ease your nervous system so you may feel love instead of fear.  Which makes this tincture a gateway to your own awakening.  You don't need this to feel love or awaken but if you feel called to play with the wisdom from my star home and my plant spirit friends then this medicine will bring you back into a full, abundant heart.
REPAIR REMEDY SALVE is also formulated to active you into a state of LOVE.  Where I come from we do not attend to the physical to heal, we attend to the vibrational light waves to activate.  We see things differently, so this Salve is full of a smell that will remind you of LOVE, allow you to feel held in LOVE and the vibrational transmission that is implanted in this medicine will give you an opportunity to breathe into the depths of LOVE.
As the earth begins to shake us up to expel the density I will be spending much more time on my home planet, gathering love from them and playing with a community that I understand and feel at home with.
When I have the energy I will come back down here to earth and share what I have been given to help you feel this love anchor in your systems as well.
I want to personally thank my Blessed Friend and Loving teacher Vicchi for guiding me back into the breathe stairwell that is my true home here in this Galaxy, for with this newly awakened thread I can do good work here while also enjoying myself fully at home in the stars!
Without that dance this Earth shift would be a little much for magical me.
I send abundant Blessings to you all, and may you all feel the LOVE I feel.
If you want to have any activations like this I can help to guide you, email for a 15min phone consultation to see if my gifts align with what your called to feel here and now.
I love you.