Power of Plant Medicine to Increase your Business Success

This world is made up of people who want to create a business, become an entrepreneur and succeed beyond measure but what sets the one's who succeed apart from the one's who are seemingly challenged from taking off?
There is an old paradigm that used to run the pathway to success filled with setting intentions, going and going each day for hours on end towards your goals while surrounding yourself with other successful encouraging people to really get your pathway clear.  The books "Think and Grow Rich" are chalk full of this information and really do wonders for teaching about the structure of how to conduct your own energy towards the successful life you dream of.
that all being said, that paradigm is since vanishing while a new paradigm of success and how to get their is defined in a more evolved fashion with much less struggle, grind and sweat.  
Yes it's true you CAN get what you want out of your goals by utilizing plant medicinal tools that can expand your awareness, help you tap into universal magic and expand your worldly vision to launch the company that your SOUL truly desires rather then the perceptions in your mind.
I myself spent years studying books from Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Tony Robbins and as the rise of the subtle feminine expand the new paradigm of visioning for the world as a whole comes to the forefront of creating a new business.  That means that it's no longer just about you making money and being goal driven but what is your goal going to do to serve the rest of humanity?  How is your daily efforts going to make your soul happy?
Truth be told if you sprint after a goal that is derived from the mind with no heart or soul you may or may not make it successful but what does that really matter when your soul isn't in alignment?  It would mean that your success feels hallow and your blood and sweat will need to metamorphosis to enter into a more heart driven business that serves all and not just you.
Plant medicine can play a big role in helping us to connect with these other worlds that express our goals in love with soul, medicine like Cannabis opens ones perspectives and adds in creativity that will serve the whole universe.  Psilocybin can open your heart to new levels of loving your brothers and sisters and show you new ways to expand upon your goals in a more sol-full way.  For deeper information on this check out my last article on "How to Become the Medicine"
One element of the new paradigm of success that was completely unspoken of in the old paradigm that is now dying is rest and relaxation.  When people are rushing to finish their tasks and going through the day stressed their nervous system is in Fight or Flight and this means that coming from the heart and soul is out of the question as you can only operate from heart when your in a relaxed calmed state and your nervous system is cared for.  It used to be somewhat of a status symbol to people to see how stressed and over worked and tired you can be and now look at me mom I am succeeding!
Well thankfully those days of expression are over while a new world is born full of caring for oneself which reflects how you care for others and staying in your heart and soul thinking of not just yourself but the brothers and sisters around you to walk into a state of success from the highest virtues of your soul.
Thats why I created White Fox™️ an organic cellular supportive CBD and Herbal Wellness brand that not only supports your physical health but helps you to open up your heart to greater realties of perception, to encourage the connecting of your mind with your heart and soul for the ultimate success this world has ever seen.
I formulated the "Tranquility" tincture with the nervous system in mind setting the intention to give successful people building their own worlds a supportive medicine that keeps their nervous system relaxed and nurtured so they can do what they do bes...Shine!
The herbs in this tincture will feel like a valium to the system while the CBD takes away inflammation and enlightens your body to serve itself in a calm and loving manner.
I also created an uplifting tincture so people could take breaks from coffee an still get the perk they require to move through the day with the energy it takes to express your greatest goals into this world!  This tincture will give you a boost in about 20 minutes and also encourage your body to heal itself the entire day with the adaptogenic herbs that are inside of this organic medicine.  "Awareness and Vitality" has become a huge best seller for many people that want to become a huge success while serving others around them in a heart centered way as this boost wont cause a crash or make you feel jittery and frazzled, which are two feelings that mean you are no longer connected to your heart center.
Shortly a book will be launching that will be full of teaching from Psilocybin showing people the pathway to coming home to love within them selves and shedding more love and joy into this whole world!  Stay tuned to www.psilocybinlovemedicine.com and we will announce in a few months the availability of our new book to further the teachings of this article!