Remember that one time when the Corona Virus shut down the Globe?

It's hilarious to think back in time to moments of extreme emotion, transformation and navigating new terrain, once your through the thick of it looking back and laughing is aways a fun way to integrate.
Allow me to sprinkle seeds of our looking back on this Corona Virus event as the greatest gift this world has ever seen!
I remember...I remember so vividly when the world shut down, we were all told to stay at home and social distancing became the most popular meme on social media.  I was seeing gloves everywhere and face masks and for some reason all the toilet paper become the most valuable commodity.  At the time it was an intense period of sitting, breathing, praying and walking through the unknown.
If one were to believe in their eyes and their eyes only at that moment and time they probably would have been pretty scared as the media and other online platforms were so heavily saturated with what was not working that many began to forget what could actually be happening behind all this in the unseen.
What was happening in the unseen at this time was a global reset, all of the racing around and lost in consumerism distraction had led the masses away from their hearts, it had tantalized them with greed and power and led them all to believe that that's what real and important.  They just forgot because the world became so fast and distracting but when the world stopped everyone had a chance to pause, take stock in what they love the most and pray.
Everyone suddenly began to realize that what is most important is kindness, love and spending time with the people you cherish.  Slowing down to hear another's thoughts and reading to each other in the moonlight.  Swimming in bath tubs and making living room forts, walking through the surrounding nature and being in aww of the flowers everywhere.  Everyone began to remember, their hearts all began to reconnect and readjust and align with a greater light that they had long since forgotten but now seemed like it was there all along!
The urge to want more money and more power began to loose it's excitement and the craving for more love, more time with friends began to grow.  The ideas of how to serve one another began to creep into peoples heads like day dreams and the whole world began to dance as one as we reawakened into a new world order centered around more love, more kindness and deserving each persons heart above any one persons greed!  It was a beautiful reset and who would have thought all of this magic for the whole planet would have been birthed from one tiny virus!
Then we all moved ahead honoring the earth as much as we did one another and we stepped into the knowing that we are all our own unique expression of the same creator here to dance as one in happiness, love and enlightenment now!  It was the end of the first part of our lives and the birthing of our new state of being in love in each moment.
That was such a huge world turning point and I am grateful to be with you here and now sharing these stories of global awakening laughing at how perfectly woven this whole world is, truly.
I love you.