Special Announcement...Mystical Temple being Built

We have something beautiful to share with you and also offer to you...As we embark on a new journey we give many thanks to the land here in California.
White Fox has been playing upon this land for 8 years building, growing stronger and going deeper with our medicinal offerings.
It's been a beautiful unfoldment of human potential and with every turn we are always open to new visions coming in to guide us on our path.
A new vision has come...
We are moving out of California and into the High Desert to build a Sacred Mystical Healing Temple for you all to come and heal, be seen, uplifted, nurtured and loved on.
This world is currently going through a huge transformation, the darkness is bring brought up to the light to be transmuted back to source and with this amount of cleansing comes big emotions, big healing opportunities and a chance at a new world.
Every single human in this world has the right to organic herbal medicine, community support, unconditional love and financial abundance.
it's all coming, and we plan on building a sacred healing space with many activated portals for you to begin to activate this new world inside of yourself so it may be born for us all.  We are all connected in an etheric net of light and as we heal ourselves we heal other's on the planet.
This is our vision, to create a foundation for people to remember their beauty, glory and freedom.  To remember their light, their courage and their uniqueness.  We will bring you a Temple that you can come and rest inside of then come out in a fully illuminated state!
As we celebrate this new vision and pack up our current Temple we want to extend a 33% savings to you all!  Celebrate this new Mystery Healing Temple with 33% off your next order for this entire weekend only!
CODE:  MovingParty for 33% off!  Sale ends Sunday at Midnight!
With every ending there is a new beginning and we cherish each step in the process.  What we love the most about our Alchemical Offerings is that we can extend Multi Dimensional Energy to you through a tangible product that you can take home and transform yourself with!
As we prayed on how we could deepen this healing journey, thats when the Stars showed us our next step... A Healing Temple built the White Fox Way.
We will be honoring the land, a technology free zone where you can sink back up with the heart beat of mother nature.  We will have sacred healing portals built from advanced technologies that will fill the cells of your body with universal god consciousness and offer you an opportunity to come back to full remembrance.
Thank you for supporting this new journey, and we will keep you posted as the story unfolds...
In love,