Tranquility Alchemy with White Fox

You are invited into Higher States of Consciousness 

Tranquility Alchemy
Allow this video to be a portal for you to walk into Higher States of Consciousness and Learn how to connect with our Sacred Medicine in a Multi-Dimensional Fashion.

This is the FIRST Video in our White Fox Temple Alchemy Series Creating a Portal for our Beloved Clients to begin to Transform themselves on a whole other level.

White Fox is more then you can see with your eyes...

When you awaken to what we really offer you, you'll begin to expand into a more enlightened state of consciousness allowing your transformation and Healing to be one of a very profound nature.

This medicine is more then a substance, it's a life force into other Galaxies.

White Fox Temple


As we unveil our Starseed secrets to you, you too will have an opportunity to walk through this world as Heaven on Earth now.  We are showing you the Earth Walk that holds everything as sacred, and how you to can get there.

Join us....Come play in the realm of love, joy and dancing with the unseen worlds!

Watch TRANQUILITY here on White Fox Temple YouTube


See you next week with our Awareness and Vitality Alchemical Transformation Video!