We WON! Best Massage oil!

Best Massage Oil by Greatest!
If your seeking an all organic topical that will soothe your muscles, relax your mind and uplift your glow then we made you the perfect medicine!
We have been chosen as the Best Smelling Massage CBD oil!  To be seen for our high grade ingredients and bountiful intentions is such a blessing!
This massage oil is a very unique Blend of Stardust, Organic Oils like Jojoba, MCT, Almond and Full Spectrum Hemp oil with Herbal Alchemy such as Cocoa, Maca, Arnica and Sandalwood oil with a touch of peppermint to get the illumination flowing!
Here is our TIP for the perfect evening of self care and multi dimensional downloads with the assistance of our Massage Oil!
Get some solo time if possible, and fill your bath tub.  If you don't have a bath tub that's ok take a long shower.  First you want to cleanse the room and imbed it with only light codes, which means grab a sage or palo santo and cleanse the space.  Then light your favorite candle and set the mood.  I like to have a few candles going with no over head light.  
Then take your ILLUMINATING MASSAGE OIL and apply a few pumps into your hands and place your hands in front of your heart.  Close your eyes and breath into the oil.  See it filling with light from the stars and see it starting to illuminate your entire being.  Then set your intention, whatever you wish to receive from the experience.  
Begin to rub the oil all over your body washing yourself with an illuminating starlight of love and allowing the self love to drip into every cell of your body while you step into all of yourself!
This ritual is a self coating of love, a nourishment of relaxation and a moment in time for you to upgrade your systems with the herbal alchemy from this massage oil.  Once you feel ready slip into the bath tub or shower and begin to allow the hot water to push the medicine even deeper into your body, allowing each cell to absorb full potency.  The smell is here to activate your state of euphoria so you may open up to higher dimensions of love and expansion!
If your relaxing in your tub feel the water dance with the oil around your body adding more light to your systems!  If your in the shower feel the steam rise above you into the ethers taking your prayers to the stars!
This ritual with the smell from the oil will enhance your love, devotion, calm, healing and meditative states.  It allows you access to higher realms of knowledge and opens you to answers you have been seeking to upgrade your life.
Crow medicine is potent, Crow creates portals to move between worlds and see through the veil of worlds.  Crow can guide you into answers, understandings and insights that illuminate your life and bring you back the wisdom to help you evolve into your authentic self.
When we remember that each action we enjoy with ourselves has a direct effect ton the world around us.  We create what's around us and we play with the field that is encompassing all there is!  Taking a moment to stop, breathe and coat yourself in Herbal, Organic Alchemy doesn't just heal you, it heals the world.
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