You Don't Need a Mask to protect you Against the Corona Virus... You Need This...



With our beautiful world opening back up for us to play with one another again we can all take a big exhale for the Home Stay work we all did as one, well done!

Moving forward as we remove ourselves from the media outpour of fear based click bait news headlines (which they only want to make money from, not really based in informing you honestly) it's time to address the Fear based phenomena of 'wearing a mask' and how this negatively impacts your health as many Doctors are now starting to inform us about.

When you were just a babe you were able to grow your immune systems by playing in the dirt, licking and eating objects not meant for consumption and swallowing other body fluids from other babies.  This is all natural, normal and part of our immune system building.

What is not natural and normal for babies to grow their immune system is to cover their face up with a mask, keep them 6 feet away from anything and everything with a pulse and protecting them from this world.

Same health concept still applies and any Doctor will agree.


When we are in a state of 'Protection' then we are in the vibration of Fear which breaks down our nervous system, this isn't some fruity spiritual talk this is science based facts.  If your in fear your nervous system is in Fight, Flight or Freeze which means your degrading your health each moment your in that mental state.  Your meant to be running from a lion to safety and once you reach safety, you exhale and go back to foraging and loving your family.  


What has been intentionally done to main stream America via 'Fear' based headlines from the media is to inspire you to be in 'fear' (As these media channels are owned by the people preparing to sell you a new vaccine, which will make them BILLIONS of $$$$$)  That means your not thinking for yourself or using your own best judgement, your reacting to a possible life threat.  That's ok and very normal, but now we all must realize this has been our physical state and we must care for our bodies, mind and spirit to rebuild our immune system and be prepared for any health opportunity that may come our way.

To me, health illness or disease is an opportunity, it's not something to be feared or run from.  It's an opportunity to cleanse out negative bacteria and it allows our physical body to strengthen as well as our mind to get used to surrendering.  The spiritual benefits to surrender is profound realizations, eternal happiness and enlightenment, so if your not interested in possibly obtaining any of those spiritual and emotional states then you may want to stop reading here.  If you are interested then let me tell you how my experience of getting the Corona Virus was....

I traveled to Sri Lanka in December and my partner and I stopped in South Korea.  I landed in Sri Lanka and felt funny, my throat had a scratch but this trip meant so much to my partner and I that I just tried to take immune boosting supplements last minute (They work best as preventative long term) and prayed for the best.

We were in Galle a beautiful sea village with fisherman everywhere.  I took a nap, got a massage and then we went out to play in Galle.  I quickly became disoriented, I couldn't breathe it felt like and I was dizzy so I went back to the hotel to rest.  My partner woke me up a few hours later and I had no idea where I was and my body was withering in pain.  My fever was high and I had body aches that felt like torture but the worst part was I couldn't breathe.  Every time I tried to go to he bathroom I couldn't catch my breathe and get myself there.  I had no more use of my body.

We went to the hospital at 4 am that next morning, 3rd world hospital.  It was intense to say the least and english was not very prolific in this part of Sri Lanka.  They prescribed me 8 medications which I googled when I got back to wifi and decided to just take the anti-biotics for my fever.

It got worse every day and by day 2 I had to surrender to the pain.  I had no way of getting to my usual White Fox CBD Products as I didn't bring anything with me they give the death penalty for those medicine's there.  The pain was so bad I had to surrender completely and except possible death as the pain I felt was like I was dying and my body was giving out. 


In that cosmic moment of surrender once I fully let go into the pain I began to feel euphoric in a very enlightened way.  I was able to see all the parts of my life that I had been forcing something to manifest or happen and forcing my will onto this world which led to massive blow backs and a lot of internal suffering.  I was being shown how everything in this universe is already perfectly placed and designed for me by my soul before I was born and all I have to do is surrender to the journey and enjoy the ride!  

This insight changed my life, it allowed me to see everything in a way that was with serenity, peace and love rather then force, fear and pressure.

I bowed humbly to the Corona Virus and thanked it for the life lesson and said it could take me if it wanted to I felt nothing but peace and I was here for god to do whatever was meant to be done with me.

Our trip had much travel to it, so we had to get into a car and drive for the next 2 weeks, which was hell being this sick.  Our driver was very concerned that I couldn't breathe or hold myself up so he set us up with a more developed Hospital in Kandy when we got there 5 days later.  

The doctor there did x-rays of my chest as I still couldn't' breathe or eat, but they found nothing in the lower part of my lungs, just some haze in the upper parts.  She told me it was the flu and I had to take vitamins because from my blood work my body had no more nutrition in it.  I still couldn't eat.  I'd go to try to take a bite of bread and I'd swirl with nausea.

After 12 days I started to feel slightly better and was able to eat a cupcake.  That's when my partner and I knew I turned a corner.

I got home January 3rd and stayed in bed for 3 more weeks once I got home, as I was floored still.  I wasn't having any of the pain symptoms but there was no life in my body and the resting for 3 weeks allowed my spiritual body to fully transform me.  When it passed fully early February I was a new me, I had gone through the death of my ego and my soul as beginning to shine through in a way that lit up my life!

Whatever is given to us on this planet was designed by the one universal spirit and is here for our greatest benefit.  Fearing death is as silly as not fully living which is what your doing when your fearing death.  Death is a part of life and life would mean nothing without it.  Honoring death and all the perfection in the universe allows you to fully live, and that's what this article is about.  

To walk through this world with a mask on is to say to your soul and everyone else that your afraid to fully live.  Your afraid to fully accept that this world is perfect just how it is and everything and anything that comes into contact with you whether that be a virus, a car accident, a death in the family, cancer, it's all here to transform you into your greatest self once and for all.

The corona virus is here to be thanked for it's powerful transformational abilities, it's here to cleanse us of our ego and teach us how to surrender, it's here to awaken the divine feminine and allow her gifts to rise next to the masculine.  Basically, it's all good baby!

Practical tips to boost your immune system, remove yourself from the main stream fear shuffle and begin to walk through this world like the empowered bad ass soul you truly are goes as follows:

Support your bodies ability to heal itself, this means consume adaptogenic herbs and supportive immune boosting tonics.

Our Awareness and Vitality Tincture is filled with Adaptogenic herbs along with CBD to get your gears turning into a state of abundant health.  Taking this tincture every day for one month will greatly change how your body functions for you'll be providing it with the fuel to really allow it to heal itself and expel free radicals.



Another huge aspect of calming yourself down and getting your nervous system out of fight or flight and back into heart centered feelings is to soothe it, breathe and take moments on the earth with no technology present.  This is a process of fully feeling all the internal emotions you feel arising and to be able to do that you have to be out of fight or flight.  Our Tranquility Tincture is a perfect herbal remedy that will not only sooth you right out of fight or flight but it will also release feelings of love, euphoria and happiness !



So these two tinctures can be a great baseline and with any herbal remedies you want to take them for 30-60 days straight to allow the herbs to rise up within you, working with herbs and health is more about healing everything from the seed rather then masking the symptoms.  So your on a health journey to a peaceful heart so you can begin to think for yourself out side of the global fear the media is trying to spread and your helping your body feel strong and be able to heal itself more effectively!  A beautiful foundation for your health!


The third thing is breathing at least 10-15 minutes a day but more if you can.  Each time you pause from your busy day to just breathe your reconnecting with your internal essence of, I am safe, I am love.  The more you do this the more you feel this way!


The final preparation is to remove your mask, I understand certain facilities are still requiring us to wear them and when I go to the grocery store I wear a bandana that is only over my mouth and that's how I roll.  In the post office you do not have to wear a mask its not required.  In your car don't wear a mask your stopping your bodies ability to build it's immunity and folks, if your meant to get sick you will no matter what you put over your face or not.

Removing your mask shows your soul and the rest of the world that your strong enough, good enough and wise enough to live this life to the fullest each moment you can!  That's truly honoring the dead and sick, is for us to fully live!

If your still not convinced then research the number of car accidents that cause death which is far greater then corona virus deaths and tell me why are you still driving a car?  Why are you still using wifi when we know it causes you cancer and cancer has a higher death count then corona.  Why are you drinking alcohol when alcohol causes more deaths then corona?  Get your mind right, think for yourself and take necessary WISE precautions but above all else LIVE YOUR LIFE FULLY!



Scarlet Ravin

If you need more help I offer one on one phone sessions where I can read your field, help you cleanse away things and also answer any lingering questions about life, destiny and love.