You Want to be Fully in your Power?



Power is a word being used quite frequently now with our government controlling what we wear on our face and people in leading roles utilizing power over other's...


Truth is...Once we fully activate our own inner power we no longer see, feel or interact with these other worlds of dualistic control of our heart and souls and we enter into the new world where love, delight and selfless service are the norm.

This is heaven on earth, activating all of our internal power is heaven on earth and each day we gobble up more and more of our very own essence the more power we obtain to then use at our disposal for love, manifestation, business success and much much more.

So how do we do that?

First we have to realize this one very true fact, we are perfect where ever we are in this moment in time and every facet of our being is to be fully accepted, loved and integrated back into the whole.  This society has left many of us with internal shame, pain, self doubt and lack of love for oneself, and that's ok.  That's your medicine...

The parts of your past you have yet to fully accept, love and integrate are holding parts of your internal power yet once you take the tie to breathe, create space and fully feel all that is you from the eyes of love you begin to integrate these fractured parts of your being you regain your power!

Each fractured aspect is a soul fragment, we call these back in by viewing them, loving them and becoming whole once again and it's this very process that takes us all out of non duality and back into unity consciousness.

I came to this knowing while I was taking a run one day, I began to think back on how when I was an exotic dancer I was so judged by the outside world, I couldn't rent certain homes because they didn't want 'whores' living there, I wasn't invited t friends weddings because they didn't approve of my job.  Over time I began to associate being sexy with being pushed out of society so when I had my dark night of the soul I chose to no longer be sexy but show my spiritual side instead.  I fractured myself to fit in.

This part of me wasn't accepted fully into the soul of my being and I lost that part of my power.  As my life continued to unfold I became stronger and stronger into the knowing of who I am and this enlivened me to become a strong, successful woman.  I was in charge of my company White Fox and I was in meetings with many, may successful powerful men.

When I would fully stand in my power in front of these men they would not look me in the eye, they would not include me in meeting conversations and I would begin to feel that same 'left out' feeling wondering what I had to dumb down to be able to be 'accepted.'  I fractured myself once again and lost the power of knowing that I am a great multi-faceted being full of illumination and some people, well they just have't been able to bask in this bright of a light yet, and that's ok.

Whats not ok is for me to turn my light down so other's feel uncomfortable, this is the fractured that keeps us in duality and takes away our power of entering into heaven on earth.  

As a woman of many colors, talents and insights I have begun to revel in the beauty of each facet that is me, my sexy side, my sensual side, my powerful business side, my funny side, my sad side, my silly side and every other side that has ever arisen to show itself to this world in all it's glory I have begun to fully revel in.

Since this change in my awareness I have been leaving the world of duality and seeing the beauty in all around me, as it started with me fully seeing the beauty within me.  The feeling is so juicy, lovely and powerful I wanted to share this insight with you so you to can join me in fully loving and accepting all that is you then shine your love light out into this world for all to see and enjoy!

I want everyone to feel what I feel and this power certainly moves through my formulas with white fox!

Each product I have channeled is brought to you as an assistant for you to enter back into a state of eternal power, love and joy!  My tinctures not only touch into your physical body they also have vibrational impacts on your spiritual body.

One of our BEST tinctures for this time period her eon earth is our Tranquility formula as the world comes to a pause and we have time to self reflect and regain all of our fractured power, we also have an opportunity to tune into our nervous system and the more relaxed and at ease this part of our being is the more love that can come into our heart.



Another crucial piece of medicine that everyone should always have on hand is our all time best selling Topical the Repair Remedy Salve which not only takes away physical pain from your body but it also clears out your energetic fields so if there is any dense or stagnant energy lingering that is not your's or is not serving you this salve will cover your body, soothe your muscles and open your heart while supporting your transformation.





For those of you that are on the pathway of illumination and your in tune with daily meditation, eating well and setting intentions we have a great next level formula for the starseed and light workers!  Our Starlight's Youth Tonic is the perfect addition to your daily love ritual!  This tonic was specifically designed to add more illumination to your physical, mental, emotional and spirit bodies!  The alchemy in this medicine is in pure alignment with dandelion medicine, which is the ability to stand in one's light no matter what is happening externally!



As a beautiful team of illuminated beings I am grateful to serve you medicine that brings you back to a state of whole empowerment, with the wisdom of what true power is so you may go out into your life eating up all that is you and dimming yourself down for no one!

Be the rebel of love and stand in your true self n mater what is going on around you!  Be like Dandelion!


I pray daily our herbal alchemical remedies bring you closer and closer to a state of love and delight for all that is you!


Love, Scarlet!


PS... I am also offering my Matrix Energetics sessions again, so if you want to reconnect with your destiny and have a being like me hold space for your transformation head to my personal website and see if these sessions resonate with you!  They are done over the phone so no need to worry about location!  It's a spiritual soul reading combined with actual transformation here and now that is guided by your own personal intention in this moment.