Galaxy Dust Back to Center Tea
Galaxy Dust Back to Center Tea
Galaxy Dust Back to Center Tea
Galaxy Dust Back to Center Tea
Galaxy Dust Back to Center Tea
Galaxy Dust Back to Center Tea

Galaxy Dust Back to Center Tea

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Physical Benefits: 

Back to Center will calm you, put you into a restful sleepy state of mind and allow all the teachings and life lessons to fully integrate into your body, mind and soul.  This tea is perfect for emotional integration and support, as well as post medicine journey integration.


StarSeed Herbal Transmissions


We have created three journey-based teas to take you on an inward journey re-aligning you with the sparkling light that you are.  Each tea blend was downloaded from the spirits of the plants and guided by starseed transmissions to come together as a whole, helping to guide the whole planet through our cosmic awakening.


Take a journey back to the galaxy from which you came and enjoy our subtle energy enhancing tea’s made for the star people, by the star people.


Back to Center Tea


The following are the downloaded explanations of why each herb is in this tea and their offerings for the beings of this planet to come back to a full state of remembrance of their own inner power as masters of their own universe.  These offerings were given through Scarlet and are here to add to the expansion that this tea has to offer.


Kava Kava- This magical herb has been known for many decades to activate enlightenment, as we grow in spiritual recognition of ourselves we awaken to the ability to fully love ourselves and be the warrior of devotion to our own inner innocence.  Kava is here to energetically support this coming back to self with love, sweetness, playfulness and a relaxed nature supporting the unwinding of your nervous system so you may be able to sink back into your center fully knowing the beautiful spirit you are now.  And so it is.


Passion Flower- Just as in it’s name this plant carries the passion to relax, unwind and nurture the flower that is you, as we unwind the residue of stress we open our hearts and are able to move through this world from our soul’s highest virtues opening new ways of loving what arises in each instant with a relaxation and ease that supports the awakening of this planet.  The relaxation that occurs from this beautiful medicine will allow your spiritual systems to flourish with grace, giggles and a centered intelligence only your soul can emanate. 


Mugwort – The beauty of mugwort rests in it’s mystical nature, this herb can unlock your divine intelligence my connecting you more fully to your spirits and guides.  The visions that this herb may induce are aspects of yourself guiding yourself back to heart centered devotion and love as you align with your mission.  Asking questions of your inner child and honoring their answers will bring you back to love, while this herb helps to facilitate these mystical yet common experiences ere and now.


Holy Basil – Holy Basil is here to do as her name suggests, activate the Holy vibrations of all that you are.  Her role in this tea blend is to remind you that you are the light, the light you are.  As we breathe deeply into this mantra “I am the light, the light I am” we are coming back into loving alignment with our true divine nature and allowing our cellular structures to unwind any past occurrences that may need to be released in order for this alignment to activate our true inner awakening.


Chamomile – Her soothing touch holds you in grace while placing the loving nature of laughter all around you.  The earth laughs in flowers and when we ingest these flowers with the intention of coming ‘Back to Center’ we activate the levity that laughing brings to our systems and we enjoy the journey that much more.  Activate your light body by laughing and honor the laughter that each flower expresses to your heart.  The earth is but a reflection of your own inner world.


St. John’s Wort – Having the ability to see everything as for our own spiritual growth benefit this beautiful plant will guide you into your darkness with the knowing that loving what ever is in your field is the pathway to full integration.  Everything is here for your heart to expand and as we train our minds to see this we gratefully accept the support of this plant to help us enter into our scariest moments from the past with love seeing through the eyes of source that it’s all here to help us grow and come back to our loving center.


Lavender – She is here to enhance your knowing of your own inner beauty while supporting your relaxation and dream space to become a balanced platform for you to heal upon.  She will support our emotional transformation while supporting the inner divinity that is emerging into this world here and now.  She is the Goddess of love, beauty and support nurturing us like the mother from spirit as she holds us dear we learn to hold ourselves dear by accepting her love and support, learning to accept this also mirrors into us being able to accept the love and support given by other’s.


Vervain -  This incredible medicine is here to assist you in clearing out what is no longer needed and creating space for the abundance of love that you are now calling forth.  A warrior cleanser this beautiful plant will create sacred space for all of your integration to occur throughout all of your bodies to align you with your highest truth and inner mantra: “I love you.”  As you say this to yourself you remember the love that is you while Vervain holds sacred space for this integration to occur.


Gotu Kola – Here for true inner and outer Harmony this medicine will align your outer world with the growing peace of your inner word.  Harmony stands for breathing in love and breathing out devotion to the awakening of this planet.  As we harmonize with our souls greatest purpose, Love, we recognize the Harmony that begins to appear all around us from our own inner alignment with Love.


Echinacea – Known for her immune benefits this medicine has on our bodies the spiritual aspects of this beautiful plant tend to be overlooked, not anymore. She is here to activate your psychic abilities so you may know fully what you are learning and how that is connected to your inner growth.  This heightened awareness sends our hearts into a space of “settled knowing” while we open to her soul messages and receive her teachings with grace, we amplify our own ability to receive teachings and healing from each moment we breathe.


Vanilla- Simply put Vanilla is Happy Medicine.  This medicine awakens our joy, our inner child exploring this world with an innocence that feels safe, held and celebrated.  When we move through this world with curiosity and joy we awaken our inner child and activate the innocence that is able to Love whatever may arise in each moment in time from a relaxed state of inner balance.


Brahmi – This incredible medicine loves balance, loves the center of our heart and assists us in activating that state for ourselves.  From a place of inner balance, we have the ability to view our reality with love and allow our nervous system to restore and feel nurtured.  If our nervous system is over active or agitated we are challenged when wanting to move from love, but if we unwind the nervous system and support balance coming from love is an easy and beautiful opportunity that comes to us quite easily.


Galaxy Dust – The Galaxy Dust that came through to join this herbal blend of centered balance came from the golden planet filled with wise beings that hold ‘Love’ as a sacred supplement.  This Gold Galaxy Dust will liven your inner child and remind your heart of the safety it is inherently given at birth, this journey back to center will awaken all of these knowing and enhance your daily soul expression.




Each herbal element listed below will be explained from the subtle energy point of contact with your being, this is how these physical herbs effect you vibrationally, we work from the unseen and bring you formulations that will then evolve into this seen world.



Galaxy Dust Tea Herbal Offerings