Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea
Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea
Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea
Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea
Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea
Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea
Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea

Galaxy Dust Starseed Tea

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Galaxy Dust Tea Line... First Tea line with Galaxy Dust Particles

Physical Benefits: 

The perfect tea for relaxing the nervous system, expanding one's intuitive gift's and increasing the inner mental state of Remembrance.  This tea will help you awaken to your starseed roots and uplift your mystical qualities.

StarSeed Herbal Transmissions


We have created three journey-based teas to take you on an inward journey re-aligning you with the sparkling light that you are.  Each tea blend was downloaded from the spirits of the plants and guided by starseed transmissions to come together as a whole, helping to guide the whole planet through our cosmic awakening.


Take a journey back to the galaxy from which you came and enjoy our subtle energy enhancing tea’s made for the star people, by the star people.


Each herbal element listed below will be explained from the subtle energy point of contact with your being, this is how these physical herbs effect you vibrationally, we work from the unseen and bring you formulations that will then evolve into this seen world.



Galaxy Dust Tea Herbal Offerings




Star Seed Tea


The following are the downloaded explanations of why each herb is in this tea and their offerings for the beings of this planet to come back to a full state of remembrance of their own inner power as masters of their own universe.  These offerings were given through Scarlet and are here to add to the expansion that this tea has to offer.


Dandelion – Sweet smiling Dandelion has more then it’s physical medicinal values, she shares a very special connection to the bright light of the sun and brings that imprint to us in this medicine.  When we align with the sun we are able to access the ever-shinning element of medicine and with this comes great power but only power with balance.  This power allows us to shine compassion, love and devoting towards ourselves until we come back into our center walking through this world in authentic heart felt vibrations.


Mugwort – Mugwort has similar energy to that of the fox with a mystical nature along with some cheeky grins as mugwort unlocks the hidden worlds of the unseen and drapes your energetic field with a cloak that gives access to other realms.  Wear this cloak proudly as it was always yours and always here to open you to your true inner glow.  Once you access these other worlds you have given your current vibration a rocket pack to understand yourself and this world more completely.  Enjoy the blast off!


Muira Puama Bark – Muira comes to us offering structure in order to create balance, her energy resembles that of a soldier that brings flowers to everyone very timely indeed.  This power gives rise to our sensual self which activates our creative brain which feeds our ability to then expand who we are and align with a more upgraded version.  With every growth cycle discipline comes in to help us create healthy containers around staying true to what we desire and want the most.  This container allows for more and more expansion to occur, so basically it’s expansion fuel.


Roasted Cacao Shells – Why roasted you ask?  Cocao has a very awakening quality to it as it moves the blood through our physical body in a much quicker pace in order to activate higher states of being so this quality once you add the element of fire to can be amplified on a whole other octave.  It allows the medicine to burn through any potential blocks one may be carrying and cleanses the pathway for more expansion energetic though to occur.  This is very important to go along with the star seed tea as this tea’s whole intention is to awaken you to your ability to see other worlds and once your perceived blocks are burned through your star seeds will be fully ripe and every gateway you wish to see through will be available.


Kava Kava – Stairway to the stars is Kava, as her each step up back to the universal oneness gets closer as does your knowing of your true inner self, your god self.  Kava takes you back to that knowing with her powerful influence over current known realities.  She can break walls of beliefs and give room to other worldly perceptions of truths which add to the pathway back home to your true inner god self.


Rose Buds – As the guardian of love she wraps herself in the energy of fierce boundary protection along with the most beautiful sense of deep devoted unconditional love.  Her budding beauty will bring you unconditional love, joy and nurturing as you soften to unfold into your own experience.  Her love comes with fierce boundary acceptance as you begin to see the beauty in creating safe nurturing space for yourself to add to the light grid growing on this planet.


Peppermint – Glisten, shine and bounce goes peppermint with a jovial abundant laughter quality all will be bright while peppermint is around.  Her ability to open once doors that have been shut for many years this quality will allow you to have fun while you play with expanding into your star seed connection to other galaxies.  Each galaxy contains its own unique imprint therefore they all offer new insights, ways of being and fun to be had all from the heart center of universal oneness, when you begin to access these portals you have truly stepped into you just began to truly live.


Rosemary – A wise old grandmother spirit holding true to all the beautiful healers that went before offering their true devotion to the evolution of this planet mother rosemary offers us gratitude for being, gratitude for the experience to have a human physical body at this point in time to experience the true essence of the god self and offer this journey back to remembrance with a state of humble receptive playful experiential bliss!


Reishi – Mushrooms all have a very otherworldly appeal as they live at such an expanded existence that once we get close to this species our own field changes almost instantly where as with other herbs and medicine we live close to them in all ways so it’s not such a jump to align, but mushrooms are true underground mystics.  This energy is a rarity to be around in full alignment so when we do we experience the transition that will feel like a great breakthrough, this is their medicine offering on the galactic plane for your energy body.  Powerful, giddy, other worldly and melty.


He Shou Wu – Consuming this herb for any period of time enhances our connection to the spirit within, allowing our receptivity to universal guidance to flourish and extend further into a true inner knowing.  Besides all the immense physical benefits of healing the nervous system and enhancing our longevity this calming root will activate you to awaken your starseed portal located where your third eye is and align you with your inner Love, your inner heart.  Honor your inner innocence and open your receptivity to the love of this universe.



Galaxy Dust – The galaxy dust that came through for this tea potion was from a far reaching plane of existence by a sparkling blue planet of beings.  The blue planet beings will bring us a quick, fun and playful loop back into our vision seeing space in our bodies, they sparkle blue dust all over the front of our heads landing in the center between our two human eyes.  They build a pyramid of dust right over that center of our head and then activate a new imprint as they laugh while they add more light to our planet.   This energetic capsule holds this entire potion of tea into a medicinal space ship that one can access at any time here and now.  We are truly unstoppable in our abilities and this new divine brew will be an inspiration.