Galaxy Dust Vision Quest Tea
Galaxy Dust Vision Quest Tea
Galaxy Dust Vision Quest Tea
Galaxy Dust Vision Quest Tea
Galaxy Dust Vision Quest Tea
Galaxy Dust Vision Quest Tea

Galaxy Dust Vision Quest Tea

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Physical Benefits: 

This tea is designed to magnetize visions from the stars and earth back into your minds eye.  The ingredients will relax your body while charging your vital energy making you ready to receive higher ideas, feel more clear about your own intuition and feel aware of the other worlds all around us.


StarSeed Herbal Transmissions


We have created three journey-based teas to take you on an inward journey re-aligning you with the sparkling light that you are.  Each tea blend was downloaded from the spirits of the plants and guided by starseed transmissions to come together as a whole, helping to guide the whole planet through our cosmic awakening.


Take a journey back to the galaxy from which you came and enjoy our subtle energy enhancing tea’s made for the star people, by the star people.


Vision Quest Tea


The following are the downloaded explanations of why each herb is in this tea and their offerings for the beings of this planet to come back to a full state of remembrance of their own inner power as masters of their own universe.  These offerings were given through Scarlet and are here to add to the expansion that this tea has to offer.


Roasted Cocoa Shells – The sacred cocoa in this blend is here to assist you in accessing your inner power, aligning with the truth of everything you are and realizing that truth…Which is LOVE.  Cocoa has long since been known as the activator of love and devotion to spirit as it’s drank in bountiful ceremonies awakening the heart center.  Allow this beautiful plant medicine to swirl into your ever-expanding heat and infuse that beloved space with the sweetness that is you.


Ginger Root – Going inward to align with your inner visions takes great strength and courage which is why ginger is here to act as courage medicine.  This root stands strong burning through any perceived block, obstacle or detour on your way to inner sight.  She will hold your hand with a fierce warrior gaze knowing that all is one and your love is a part of that one so aligning with this knowing shifts the whole planet.


Peppermint – Tickles of energy in all of your fields are activated by the plant medicine of peppermint, the abundant joy that she feels while aligning with unlimited source energy is imprinted into your being as you drink her in a ceremonious manner.   A transmission straight from the spirit of peppermint wants to be shared with you here as she whispers, “Allow me to giggle into your field awakening the true unlimited nature of your being and activate the knowing of limitlessness that is you so you may obtain the visions of your heart and know your love once and for all.”


Damiana – Sexual energy has long been revered as a sacred awakening which can occur when the kundalini at the base of your spine comes to unwind and activate within you.  This plant medicine is here to encourage this energetic awakening so you may begin your process of becoming love, becoming one with the universe and releasing the power that rests at the base of your spine.


Muira Puama Bark – As we move through this world before we awaken to our masterful self we can be bounced around by the energies that surround us, this sacred bark is here to support the stress response in our spiritual systems so we may remain in a deep slow breath honoring our divinity at each turn.  The more we breathe slow and attentive the more we leave the stress response and enter into aligned divinity, this bark is here to encourage that deep slow breath while she helps us unwind the stress responses of our divine nervous system.


Astragalus – Eternal youth tonic while opening the heart this bountiful medicine will protect, serve and unwind your spiritual bodies while you set your intention to vision within.  Breathing will keep your heart centered and Astragalus will support your intentions to expand the breath while pouring a fierce love out from your heart.  Once we align with this practice on a regals basis we have accessed the fountain of eternal youth for our light body will awaken and aging followed by death of the physical body will no longer be necessary.


Chaga – This magical herb will decalcify your third eye while promoting transcendental experiences to reflect back to you what you already are.  All of the mystical experiences we may have while riding along on our spiritual transformations are reflections back to parts of our being that have always been within us and are just now awakening to realign with our internal knowing.  This herb will help cleanse the lens to see these visions so we may play with the wonders of the spiritual realm and come back to our inner knowing full of love and devotion to serving the planet.


Lions Mane – The bountiful brain tonic lions mane has the ability to help us focus, as we grow and evolve we realize that being able to focus on what we wish to focus on whether it be love, transformation, devotion the ability to focus is what will transform us in the end.  Choosing our path…Love… Then focusing on how each moment in time on this planet is another opportunity for our soul to evolve and for us to feel more love will unlock the key to you being filled with oy and delight no matter what comes your way.  Lions mane will help you focus with strength, vigor and delicacy.


Bee Pollen – The vibrational connection between bee’s and plants has been vibrating into our worlds at a more seen level recently, and this abundant offering is added to this tea to align you with the highest vibration of the heart field.  When we are aligned with heart energy we are vibrating on a level where our immune system is thriving, our inner sight is clear, our love we emanate out to others is beautifully received and we align with our master that lives inside of us and always has.  The Pollen in this formula will activate that heart vibration and allow the flow of the universe to move through your heart.


Sarsaparilla Root – When ever we grow in oour knowing of our inner master we also shed layers of no longer needed beliefs and ideas about who we thought we were.  This root will help us to shed layers that no longer serve our highest destiny allowing us to truly live in harmony with love.  The detoxifying aspects of this magical medicine along with her ability to boost the power center of our bodies encourages the rest of the herbs in this tea to work at God’s speed.  And so it is.


Galaxy Dust – The Galaxy Dust in this tea hold the mystical vibration of vastness from space, it is not located in any single planet or coming from any certain location but transcended through the location of everything and nothing at the same time.  In this place the ego can melt as our true self awakens and this Dust is here to hold that space for your true inner unfolding to occur.






Each herbal element listed below will be explained from the subtle energy point of contact with your being, this is how these physical herbs effect you vibrationally, we work from the unseen and bring you formulations that will then evolve into this seen world.



Galaxy Dust Tea Herbal Offerings