Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD
Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG
Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD
Awareness and Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD
Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD
Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD
Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD
Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD

Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD

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Get Ready to feel focused, driven and tuned in while unwinding the inflammation in your body activating a Vitality that will last all day.  Our unique combination of Full Spectrum CBD with organic adaptogenic herbs will enhance your body mind and spirit, shake off any hang over, enliven your training and shorten your recovery time.
Effects are felt in 15-20 minutes after one full dropper!  Ready for a perk other then coffee?  Enjoy Wellness that will increase daily as you partake in this new next level preventive medicinal approach to your health!
Energy Boost
Hang over cure
Training Recovery Time
Immunity Boost
Sensual Energy Boost
Endurance Increase
Mental Stamina
Body Pain
Strength Increase
The hawk watches from above and sees the bigger picture with a sharpness along with endless vitality. Allow the hawk to lead you to your greatness strength.
MCT Oil*, Maca*, Cordyceps*, Reishi*, Peppermint*, Full Spectrum CBD. (* indicates Organic)
MACA- As a beautiful root from another universe I have always been an assistant in increasing energy and stamina especially in the sensual area of physical design and on the physical level I hold space for this energy to come into whole body balance.  On an energetic plane I am here to assist you in opening to the strength that rests inside of your soul and comes forth into creative action for manifestation.  When we know what we want clearly in life we can direct the energy in a way that's receptive, I am here to teach you how to be receptive while being intentional.
CORDYCEPS- As a brilliant preventative body strengthener I have been known to help many come into life long physical stamina, however on the energetic plane of this word I am here to connect one more fully to their divine transmissions that are always coming through for us to receive.  The more we connect with seeing the world through the eyes of this universe and anchoring the light through us the more we become the most sustainable energized human physically, it's one and the same.
Reishi- Yes I am known as the youth tonic of our generation but what other's don't know yet is that I also am here to support the growth of your inner child like energies.  Each drop you drink of me will widen the eyes of your inner child and allow your inner self to be loved as never before that it is now.
Peppermint- I am here in this medicine to remind you of how fun it can be to have a pep in your step and a playful swag to your dance!  It's time to Pep it up when I am around and remember what it was like to be interested in the most common things with excitement like you did as a child!  It's time to activate that state of being here and now to continue your glow enhancement!
FULL SPECTRUM HEMP CBD- I will sooth even the toughest pain while bringing back an innate strength that all beings have but some have forgotten.  Pain isa natural part of being human, but suffering is a choice and my role in this formula is to hold white light space around the choice of suffering and allow your strength to shine on as you stand in alignment with your positive mind, open heart and vitality that lasts for infinite star light years.