Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD 30ml
Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD 30ml
Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD
Chor Boogie's Golden HeART CBD
Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD 30ml

Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD 30ml

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This very special alchemical blend is the resonance of the "Color Shaman" Chor Boogie who offers us his art through the eyes of Iboga.
This tincture is created to enhance your artistic creativity, ignite your sensual passion and life your life to the fullest expression possible.  That vibration is the medicinal vibration of Chor Boogie Himself, so enjoy his medicine via this tincture!
Organic MCT oil, Organic Reishi, Organic Chaga, Organic Damiana, Organic Cocoa beans, Bee pollen, Organic Vanilla and Full Spectrum CBD
Chor's Heart
The vibrational imprint of this medicinal tincture is in alignment with the true expression of opening one's heart and sharing the inner soul with the world with a sense of freedom in full support of all nature spirits.
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Reishi- Yes I am known as the youth tonic of our generation but what other's don't know yet is that I also am here to support the growth of your inner child like energies.  Each drop you drink of me will widen the eyes of your inner child and allow your inner self to be loved as never before that it is now.
Chaga- The power that I bring forth will inspire a great sense of creation which leads to self expression!  The ore one expresses themselves fully the more light enters into this world and this light is love.  I will empower your physical to become more self sustaining but I will also charge your inner soul with a spark of creation so more light may pour forth.
Damiana- Every artist has surges of sensual energy pour through them and from this power center on the body many beautiful visions can transform and fuel the fires of creation.  I will spark your sensual desires and encourage love to come forth as you feel more empowered in your ability to masterfully create.
Cocoa- Deep wisdoms from me come through to ground all of the transmissions into the physical and feed the merging of the two, while you express you will also be fully present in your body.  The energy I create for your mind will bring an acute awareness to your heart and my tingling spirit will crack open the huge beating loving heart.
Bee Pollen - Topping this tincture off with a sacred twist, Bee medicine.  Bee pollen has a beautiful way of weaving together love and work while inspiring great physical health.  Bee energy is that of love and their ability to work together with all aspects of the whole is a very wise thing to keep alive in one's mind.  Every time we heal ourselves with art we heal the whole planet.
VANILLA BEANS- As a beautiful addition to this formula my effects on your physical body help to enlighten depressive states and also increase happiness and joy!  My vibrational intention for joining this alchemy is to remind your spirit how to come back to a natural state of humble gratitude as it's from this platform we naturally feel joy and bliss without having to try, this is the true state of remembrance combined with receptivity.
FULL SPECTRUM HEMP CBD- I will sooth even the toughest pain while bringing back an innate strength that all beings have but some have forgotten.  Pain isa natural part of being human, but suffering is a choice and my role in this formula is to hold white light space around the choice of suffering and allow your strength to shine on as you stand in alignment with your positive mind, open heart and vitality that lasts for infinite star light years.