Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD 30ml
Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD
Chor Boogie's Golden HeART CBD

Chor Boogie's Golden HeART 300mg CBD 30ml

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This very special alchemical blend is the resonance of the "Color Shaman" Chor Boogie who offers us his art through the eyes of Iboga.
This tincture is created to enhance your artistic creativity, ignite your sensual passion and life your life to the fullest expression possible.  That vibration is the medicinal vibration of Chor Boogie Himself, so enjoy his medicine via this tincture!
Organic MCT oil, Organic Reishi, Organic Chaga, Organic Damiana, Organic Cocoa beans, Bee pollen, Organic Vanilla and Full Spectrum CBD
Chor's Heart
The vibrational imprint of this medicinal tincture is in alignment with the true expression of opening one's heart and sharing the inner soul with the world with a sense of freedom in full support of all nature spirits.
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