Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD
Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD
Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG
Illuminating Massage Oil
Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD White Fox Nectars
Illuminating Massage Oil CBD 200 MG
Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD
Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD

Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD

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100ml 3.38 ounces
Welcome to next level Full spectrum CBD Massage oil with an array of illuminating herbs and oils  to enhance your glow, activate wellness and soothe your mind.  The combination of organic oils are easily absorbed into the skin and the aroma of sandalwood activates the deep inner desires your system seeks to fully live every ounce this life has to offer you!  Stand in your power, feel your true beauty and shine brighter then the moon!
awaken higher insight
enliven your dreams
relax the muscles
inspire your desires
honor your body
inspire your sexuality
enhance your stamina
The crow has the ability to move between the spirit world and this world, bringing us endless information and wisdom. Allow the crow to touch your inner desires deeply and bring you wisdom from another dimension while you immerse your skin in this healing oil.
Coconut Oil,* Jojoba Oil*, Almond Oil*, Full Spectrum CBD, Sandalwood*, Peppermint*, Arnica*, Maca*, Cocoa* (* indicates Organic)
Cocoa - For this formula we came through to bring about a gateway into the deepest of desires so all that is resting and pulsing within can be seen and absorbed in love.  We represent love and desire and to hone in on this part of yourself with the intention of feeling more love we will amplify your intentions an bring the deepest parts of your magical super powers forth so you may truly be in alignment with all of you.  For the physical we strengthen and ground while lighting a subtle fire in the lower part of the body.  
MACA - Rootsy vibrations that bring grounding and stamina to the spiritual quest that rests within each of us.  As you get a massage your heart and soul expand and it's a divine time to really tap into the quest of your deepest fire and feed that quest with the medicine it needs to have fun along the way.  I also increase sensuality but my grounding allow the sexual connection to deepen to a heart level and move beyond the physical.
ARNICA- The ultimate space greater I am, bringing you less inflammation and therefor more space to bring forth what truly serves your highest purpose while soothing your body that sacredly carries your soul.  Your body is the capsule that you move through this world with and caring for it with a vibrant love will take you far.
PEPPERMINT - Tingling sparks of laughter with a hint of energy enlightens your vibe and keeps things fresh.  Every new energetic input has the opportunity to create more space and release the more dense energy ready to be cleared out.  Ritual rubs on your body with peppermint will continue to keep these dense energies moving until that one day you awaken to realize, you are all Space and Love.
SANDALWOOD - Ancient aphrodisiac medicine along with cosmic light galaxy insight I am here to awaken you to the cravings of more life so your energy will expand and encapsulate all that is you.  I come from another galaxy far away and many of you who are also from this galaxy recognize me deep within your soul.  Awaken to your powers and bring to encapsulate all that is you.
FULL SPECTRUM HEMP CBD- I will sooth even the toughest pain while bringing back an innate strength that all beings have but some have forgotten.  Pain isa natural part of being human, but suffering is a choice and my role in this formula is to hold white light space around the choice of suffering and allow your strength to shine on as you stand in alignment with your positive mind, open heart and vitality that lasts for infinite star light years.