Psilocybin Transmissions
Psilocybin Transmissions

Psilocybin Transmissions

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Psilocybin Transmissions
Psilocybin's Love Wisdom to Illuminate our World
by Scarlet Ravin
This book began as a Vision from the Spirit of Psilocybin where a Transmission was shown to Scarlet Ravin, our Founder of White Fox Medicine.
This vision was a book to explain to all beings now why Psilocybin is here on our planet and what is the Medicine it brings for us at this time.  It's a beautiful dance between wisdom and healing.  You will be given a template as to how to be with the mushrooms and get the most out of your evolutionary journey.
This book is here to show everyone how we can live in Heaven here on Earth right now and what is the insight we need to realize before this unfolds for us.  This wisdom is in this book along with a multitude of special transformation gifts written between the lines.
This is beyond a mystical journey back to the Love within your Soul, it's an expanded view of what we have all longed for since birth, Peace, Love and JOY on Earth NOW!
Praise for Psilocybin Transmissions


“I am awe struck by this holy book. Tears of hot heart nectar stream down my face, reading this channeled scripture. It drew me in, devoured me, and rebirthed me, just like a ceremonial journey itself. Heart-gasms are gushing all over my world. This full-spectrum literary medicine is sweet as honey, bitter and essential as the black earth, and celestial as light itself. Yet again, Scarlet Ravin serves as the hollow bone with this gift to humanity. She is helping to midwife the new-old paradigm of honoring the radical sacredness of the earth's myriad of beings, medicines, mind states, and even shadows. I will recommend this to ALL beings who ever intend to work with any sacred earth medicine.” 


Elizabeth Bast 

Holistic Coach for Spirit-Led Recovery, Sacred Medicine Support, & Visionary Life Design

Author of Heart Medicine: A True Love Story - One Couple's Quest for the Sacred Iboga Medicine & the Cure for Addiction


“When Scarlet asked that I read her latest book Psilocybin Transmissions, I was, of course, honored and interested to learn more. I have never had the desire nor the courage to try psilocybin with friends, let alone by myself. In fact, I’ve only tried psilocybin once and it was over 30 years ago. It just seemed like something people do at Phish concerts and I don’t listen to Phish (sorry Phish) so it was never anything I was interested in trying again. But I trust Scarlet implicitly and after reading her book, I realized if I want to create deep change in my life and reconnect to who I am at my core, I needed to take a psilocybin journey.  There was absolutely zero fear in this decision because of everything I had learned from this book. I felt prepared, excited, and ready to make a change so on a very recent Friday night, it happened.


There is too much to tell in a short review but I will say that throughout my one night journey I could feel Scarlet’s loving supportive energy and hear her voice walking me through the effects. I had so many shifts during the experience – I laughed, I cried, I felt all the animals I’ve ever loved surround me and I felt acceptance of myself BY myself. It was beautiful and life changing and an experience I will never forget. 


At the end of this experience, the realization I came to is all there is, is love. Love is the great healer of all things painful. This realization would not have been possible without taking this journey and without the infusion of love from Scarlet via the book. Her lack of judgment, her energetic support, her wisdom and her beautiful spiritual magic that is innate to who she is created a space where healing happens. Whether or not you actually go on a physical journey with psilocybin like I did, when you read this book you will experience a shift. Your heart and mind will open and merge together and you will start to see we are all connected, we are all one and we are all love.”


Leah D’Ambrosio, Founder and COO Baked Smart