Starlight's Just Bee 300mg CBD 30ml Tincture
Starlight's Just Bee 300mg CBD 30ml Tincture

Starlight's Just Bee 300mg CBD 30ml Tincture

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Vibrational Heart healing, this medicine is here to help soothe the nervous system, love up on your heart and inspire your immune system to kick ass!
Organic MCT oil, Organic Lavender, Organic Bee Pollen, Full Spectrum CBD, Manuka Honey and Organic Vanilla Beans
300mg CBD 30ml Tincture
Bee Totem:
Vibrational Heart Medicine is the gift of bee's. This attunment will allow more love to drip like honey into your life. Learn to Just Bee happy with all that is as it is, and you won.
Lavender- I am here to infuse your being with the sense of relaxation mixed with melting so your nervous system may heal and unwind while you begin to walk through this world from your heart center.  Love and kindness rest at the seat of a relaxed soul so let's begin to unwind as one!
Bee Pollen- As each honey bee knows the pollen contains the deepest medicine from our hive and as we gift you with this high potent remedy the magic that is inside of you will help you come back to the center of your health, boost your immune system which also boosts your spiritual receptivity and align you back with your most heart vibratory frequency.
FULL SPECTRUM HEMP CBD- I will sooth even the toughest pain while bringing back an innate strength that all beings have but some have forgotten.  Pain isa natural part of being human, but suffering is a choice and my role in this formula is to hold white light space around the choice of suffering and allow your strength to shine on as you stand in alignment with your positive mind, open heart and vitality that lasts for infinite star light years.
Manuka Honey - The physical body heals greatly with all the mystical medicine in honey but what this does for your spiritual soul enhancement is even more juicy!  The Manuka Honey goes into the energy field around each person and creates a charging bubble that emanates from the inside out and connects you with the ever charging energy center of all that is, that's why us little bee's buzz all the time, we are connected to the energy of all that is.
VANILLA BEANS- As a beautiful addition to this formula my effects on your physical body help to enlighten depressive states and also increase happiness and joy!  My vibrational intention for joining this alchemy is to remind your spirit how to come back to a natural state of humble gratitude as it's from this platform we naturally feel joy and bliss without having to try, this is the true state of remembrance combined with receptivity.