Hawk Awareness and Vitality Shooter 10mg CBD
Hawk Awareness and Vitality Shooter CBD
Hawk Awareness & Vitality Shooter 10mg CBD
Hawk Awareness and Vitality Shooter 10mg

Hawk Awareness and Vitality Shooter 10mg CBD

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Our very handy and healing Awareness and Vitality Shooter with our full herbal formulation and 10mg CBD.  Small, cute and fierce these little daily shooters are available for you to hide anywhere!  If you need an extra little bump during the day our formulation will sharpen your mind and help you focus!  Perfect for that latter in the day energy boost, the CBD will build up in your body and lower your inflammation response increasing your own ability to heal yourself.  Magic.



Get Ready to feel focused, driven and tuned in while unwinding the inflammation in your body activating a Vitality that will last all day.  Our unique combination of Full Spectrum CBD with organic adaptogenic herbs will enhance your body mind and spirit, shake off any hang over, enliven your training and shorten your recovery time.
Effects are felt in 15-20 minutes after one full dropper!  Ready for a perk other then coffee?  Enjoy Wellness that will increase daily as you partake in this new next level preventive medicinal approach to your health!


believe in oneself

cultivate inner power

release the past

control the mind

Hang Over Cure

Muscle Recovery

awaken your potential

release pain in the body


TOTEM: The hawk watches from above and sees the bigger picture with a sharpness along with endless vitality. Allow the hawk to lead you to your greatness strength.

INGREDIENTS: MCT Oil*, Maca*, Cordyceps*, Reishi*, Peppermint*, Full Spectrum CBD. (* indicates Organic)