Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD
Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG
Illuminating Massage Oil
Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD White Fox Nectars
Illuminating Massage Oil CBD 200 MG

Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD

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Welcome to next level Full spectrum CBD Massage oil with an array of illuminating herbs and oils  to enhance your glow, activate wellness and soothe your mind.  The combination of organic oils are easily absorbed into the skin and the aroma of sandalwood activates the deep inner desires your system seeks to fully live every ounce this life has to offer you!  Stand in your power, feel your true beauty and shine brighter then the moon!
awaken higher insight
enliven your dreams
relax the muscles
inspire your desires
honor your body
inspire your sexuality
enhance your stamina

TOTEM: The crow has the ability to move between the spirit world and this world, bringing us endless information and wisdom. Allow the crow to touch your inner desires deeply and bring you wisdom from another dimension while you immerse your skin in this healing oil.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil,* Jojoba Oil*, Almond Oil*, Full Spectrum CBD, Sandalwood*, Peppermint*, Arnica*, Maca*, Cocoa* (* indicates Organic)