Starlights Youth Tonic
Starlights Youth Tonic
Starlights Youth Tonic
Starlights Youth Tonic

Starlights Youth Tonic

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Are you ready to Illuminate from within the center of your beautiful being?
Welcome to our one of a kind, Vegan friendly, age defying youth tonic...
(All Organic) MCT Oil, Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Dandelion, Reishi, Aloe, Peppermint, Ginger, Ginseng, Lavendar, Shilajit, Damiana, Plant Based Collagen, LOVE
Enhance and illuminate cellular regeneration with this bio-available alchemy.  Take Daily to renew skin elasticity, enhance stamina, nourish brain chemistry while vibrationally enhancing your spiritual receptivity.
Often overlooked as a sacred medicine Dandelion is here to remind us of the importance to always shine bright no matter what is going on around us.  Anchoring the light of this world is the key to shining bright always.
You'll want to consume this medicine if...
If your heart longs to be supported in it's spiritual growth while your body strives for vibrancy and all over vitality in this fast busy world.  This medicine is filled with adaptogenic herbs that will divinely support your body in healing itself while also soothing your skin cells with collagen and oils that feed elasticity and youthful glows...
We suggest you take this tincture daily in the morning while performing a ritual that sets your intention for the day, here is a mantra we will offer you to support your inner glow.
Universe I ask you to move through me today and answer any question that may arise with love, kindness and grace.  I ask for the medicine in this tincture to anchor the light of the universe deep within each cell of my being awakening the strength that rests inside of my soul ready to shine as bright as possible as never before that it will today!
Then you take your tincture... allow it to go down your throat and breathe while the
illumination occurs...
Spiritual Downloads from Each Herb in our Tincture
Ashwagandha- I am here to support you in supporting yourself, as you grow and evolve your cells change and expand and this can cause certain past memories to release and leave your system.  As this happens some beings get weighed down but we are here on this planet to allow everything no longer serving your highest purpose to be released now with love and tender grace so the cells of your body can do what they do best, expand your light.
Astragalus- I am here to help you release stress from your nervous system so that you may move through this world from the center of your heart and act from kindness and love rather then anger and stress.  When we accumulate stress we activate our emotions to come from thought rather then love, but once we unwind stress and come back to a state of balance it's very natural to move through this world from your heart filled with love and delight.
Dandelion - I am here to remind you that no matter what is going on around you and who is saying what to you your perfect and bright always.  Once we remember to keep shining in the face of adversity the whole world will change before our eyes, so shine like me, Dandelion.
Reishi- Yes I am known as the youth tonic of our generation but what other's don't know yet is that I also am here to support the growth of your inner child like energies.  Each drop you drink of me will widen the eyes of your inner child and allow your inner self to be loved as never before that it is now.
Aloe- Self soothing is a beautiful activity to illuminate no matter where you are on your spiritual path, and my medicine in this tincture will soothe your inner stomach as well as your outer nerves.  I bring a cooling calm to the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies allowing the heart to take more of a center stage.
Peppermint- I am here in this medicine to remind you of how fun it can be to have a pep in your step and a playful swag to your dance!  It's time to Pep it up when I am around and remember what it was like to be interested in the most common things with excitement like you did as a child!  It's time to activate that state of being here and now to continue your glow enhancement!
Ginger- Oh my sparky vibes bring you a cleaning rush right to your bloodlines allowing this medicine to penetrate deep within your DNA.  I am a fire starter and anytime we want to enhance our glow we bring in more fire with a heart felt call!  The mantra I share with you is this "Ginger activate my inner fire, allow my DNA to illuminate as never before as I am now and sing me praises of my brightest glow!"
Ginseng- Momentum is the force that drives us into our next state of being, so if we are thinking and acting with kindness and positivity then we are sparked to enhance this momentum making the next moments of our life even brighter, I am here to bring awareness to your momentum and allow you to set an intention of which way you want to move in your life here and now.
Lavendar- Soothing love from your mother is my specialty, I hold you deeply in a swaddled embrace bringing you back to the love a mother showers on her child at infancy, because here and now you deserve more love, not less always.
Shilajit- I am a very rare medicine, I bring you more benefits that you even realize but my intention of being in this medicine for your spiritual self to awaken to it's greatest teaching masters and finally come to realize that the guides and angels you call forth to love, support and guide you are merely reflections of you from the future coming here to serve your greatest awakening.  Your the Ascended Master, you always have been.
Damiana- Sensual energy has always moved us into higher states of awakening and my role in this medicine is to awaken your sensuality and see it as the force that creates all things, to channel this force in a healthy intentional way will open all the doors you desire.
Plant Collagen- The beauty of us is we strengthen the parts of you that have given way to the stresses of this world and beyond.  We reconstruct the juice that has been lost and replenish you with the never ending love from the universe.  This way your glow is supported by your physical presence always and forever.