Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD
Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD
Tranquility Tincture 300 MG
Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD White Fox Nectars
Tranquility Tincture CBD
Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD
Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD

Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD

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 Relax into that serene part of your life with the  assistance of our very special Tranquility formula ready to unwind any anxiety, ease physical tension, uplift depression and become your most favorite sleep aid.  Our Full Spectrum CBD will unwind your bodies inflammation response while the array of other organic herbs will relax the nervous system, enhance happy thoughts, assist in deep restful sleep and create an overall wellness you'll love!

Effects are felt in 15-20 minutes, enjoy the calm this magical alchemy brings!


 The whale moves with grace, intentionally creating flow through life. Relaxing more and more with every motion, allow whale’s playfulness to bring you back to a balanced and graceful state where love and kindness shine forth with the utmost glow.



 MCT Oil*, Kava Kava*, Skull Cap*, Vanilla Beans*, Chamomile*, Full Spectrum CBD (* indicates Organic)



KAVA KAVA- I come into this formula to not only assist in the healing of your physical nervous system but my intention of serving your spiritual body is to awaken the remembrance of euphoric blissful joy that rests in the energetic realm of Heaven on Earth.  many may think that Heaven is not of this earth, but my role is to imprint you with a euphoria that is fully obtainable on this earth plane, here and now, and so it is.


SKULL CAP - I have a very real ability to cleanse any trauma or toxin out of the cells of the physical body, however my main intention while joining this formula is to create an abundance of receptivity to universal light.  Many may be thinking that the physical body has to cleanse something unwanted out, or heal something that is 'broken' but the truth and magic of being human is that your a light being, and the more light you anchor into your being the more you vibrate at the highest frequency, at these higher frequencies there is nothing to cleanse or heal, only light to bath in.  I am here to activate that state within your being.


VANILLA BEANS- As a beautiful addition to this formula my effects on your physical body help to enlighten depressive states and also increase happiness and joy!  My vibrational intention for joining this alchemy is to remind your spirit how to come back to a natural state of humble gratitude as it's from this platform we naturally feel joy and bliss without having to try, this is the true state of remembrance combined with receptivity.


CHAMOMILE- Pillow of the angels my universe calls me as I come through to relax your nervous system coating your nerves with a bright juicy glow that soothes event the most stressed soul.  As you begin to relax your heart center begins to activate and that is my true intention of being in this formula, to activate the love that shines forth from within here and now, and so it is.


FULL SPECTRUM HEMP CBD- I will sooth even the toughest pain while bringing back an innate strength that all beings have but some have forgotten.  Pain isa natural part of being human, but suffering is a choice and my role in this formula is to hold white light space around the choice of suffering and allow your strength to shine on as you stand in alignment with your positive mind, open heart and vitality that lasts for infinite star light years.