Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD
Tranquility Tincture 300 MG
Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD White Fox Nectars
Tranquility Tincture CBD

Tranquility Tincture 300 MG CBD

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 Relax into that serene part of your life with the  assistance of our very special Tranquility formula ready to unwind any anxiety, ease physical tension, uplift depression and become your most favorite sleep aid.  Our Full Spectrum CBD will unwind your bodies inflammation response while the array of other organic herbs will relax the nervous system, enhance happy thoughts, assist in deep restful sleep and create an overall wellness you'll love!

Effects are felt in 15-20 minutes, enjoy the calm this magical alchemy brings!

TOTEM: The whale moves with grace, intentionally creating flow through life. Relaxing more and more with every motion, allow whale’s playfulness to bring you back to a balanced and graceful state.

INGREDIENTS: MCT Oil*, Kava Kava*, Skull Cap*, Vanilla Beans*, Chamomile*, Full Spectrum CBD (* indicates Organic)