Current Artist Collab!
Jordan "Gnar Pony" Brown
Our Divine Galaxy Dust Tea Packaging is adorned with Jordy's Mystical Portals to other worlds!
Jordy's art has added a unique element that amplifies our medicine!
More about Jordy:

Jordy is a multidisciplinary artist creating with sculpture, installation, painting, photography & design. Gathering insight from international & interdimensional travel, he fantastically invites wonder & possibility to immerse himself, as the creator, & the other, the viewer, to go beyond routine means of experiencing. The resulting excavations of imagination reflect on the transcendent rebirth of imaginative thought into 3D objects in physical space; now subject to the limitations of language. It is through this process of mutualistic chaos that the work explores correlations between perceived reality & human perception. Using an amalgamative approach, Jordy allows space for spontaneity to create colorful, hyper-surrealistic pieces that stand to build connection through disruption.

Imagination is reality. Explore yourself.


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