The intention for our medicinal collaborations with carefully aligned magical medicine beings is to amplify the positive, healing awakening aspects of these unique individuals.  Our Founder and Alchemist has channeled vibrational imprints of our collaborators and translated that into a CBD alchemized Tincture offering you new ways to care for yourself, raise your vibrations and obtain awakenings for tuned in living.  White Fox™️ is in Alignment with the earth and all beings that live upon her, seeing all of our relatives and honoring their gift to this existence along with honoring the plant spirit in every herbal medicine and allowing this wisdom to guide us back to inner attunement. 


The Collaborators we have chosen live in this way of bringing more beauty, light, love and awakening onto this earth and as we join forces to amplify this new way of being in this current world we build a web of medicine that serves us all along with the earth as a whole.  May we all join forces to awaken, love, support and nurture one another with medicine, compassion, understanding and a lot of fun and laughter!


Collaboration Tinctures are vibrational imprints of the medicine these artists bring to this earth, enjoy their magic through the Heart of White Fox™️ as we heal and shift as a whole.