“It’s my motion potion!  I received a bottle of the Tranquility Tincture and Hawk Awareness Tincture which I have been using for my rheumatoid arthritis.  White Fox Nectars is the fastest acting CBD, and the most potent I have ever had.  I’ve had very aggressive juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years now.  After about a week of taking the White Fox CBD oil daily I was able to stop taking the chemical prescribed meds and solely use white fox.  I can feel the intention behind the product line and they work!” 

-Alejandro Urias, Teacher 


“I started using White Fox Nectars' repair remedy salve for anything that ailed me like a headache, post-workout soreness, cramps.  I’d apply to the affected area and felt instant relief.  The smell is also so intoxicating to me that I began to rub it on my hands like lotion, and now I carry it with me everywhere to offer it to anyone who shares their physical complaint! It’s a magical medicine for sure.” 

-Meghan Adkins, Sky City Design


"I was suffering from an injury from a car accident that resulted in two torn muscles in my shoulders and displacement of several ribs. So far it has been a 7 month recovery, and continues. I was stuck in a pain cycle that was effecting my cortisol cycle, which then was effecting my circadian rhythm so that I could not sleep through the night.

I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder and the area of my first-fourth ribs and the Repair Remedy Salve was literally the only topical treatment that I saw any immediate relief. I had tried a variety of CBD salves and none of them worked. This salve literally does not leave my side, and immediately soothes pain while also having lasting effects. 

My doctor then wanted me to start cortisol therapy to reset my sleep patterns, which was induced by pain. I wanted to try a holistic route first, and began using the Tranquility Tincture. Literally the first night I used it, it quickly reduced my shoulder pain and I was able to fall asleep. Occasionally I would still wake up in the middle of the night and I would take another small dose, which would put me back to sleep immediately. After a short period of time I was able to take a dose just before going to sleep and finally sleep consistently through the whole night. I highly recommend these products both for acute and chronic pain!"

-Isabella D., Herbalist