“It’s my motion potion!  I received a bottle of the Tranquility Tincture and Hawk Awareness Tincture which I have been using for my rheumatoid arthritis.  White Fox Nectars is the fastest acting CBD, and the most potent I have ever had.  I’ve had very aggressive juvenile rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years now.  After about a week of taking the White Fox CBD oil daily I was able to stop taking the chemical prescribed meds and solely use white fox.  I can feel the intention behind the product line and they work!” 

-Alejandro Urias, Teacher 


“I started using White Fox Nectars' repair remedy salve for anything that ailed me like a headache, post-workout soreness, cramps.  I’d apply to the affected area and felt instant relief.  The smell is also so intoxicating to me that I began to rub it on my hands like lotion, and now I carry it with me everywhere to offer it to anyone who shares their physical complaint! It’s a magical medicine for sure.” 

-Meghan Adkins, Sky City Design


"I was suffering from an injury from a car accident that resulted in two torn muscles in my shoulders and displacement of several ribs. So far it has been a 7 month recovery, and continues. I was stuck in a pain cycle that was effecting my cortisol cycle, which then was effecting my circadian rhythm so that I could not sleep through the night.

I was experiencing severe pain in my shoulder and the area of my first-fourth ribs and the Repair Remedy Salve was literally the only topical treatment that I saw any immediate relief. I had tried a variety of CBD salves and none of them worked. This salve literally does not leave my side, and immediately soothes pain while also having lasting effects. 

My doctor then wanted me to start cortisol therapy to reset my sleep patterns, which was induced by pain. I wanted to try a holistic route first, and began using the Tranquility Tincture. Literally the first night I used it, it quickly reduced my shoulder pain and I was able to fall asleep. Occasionally I would still wake up in the middle of the night and I would take another small dose, which would put me back to sleep immediately. After a short period of time I was able to take a dose just before going to sleep and finally sleep consistently through the whole night. I highly recommend these products both for acute and chronic pain!"

-Isabella D., Herbalist


“For years I have been struggling with arthritic pain in my hands and wrists, after 15 minutes from using the Repair Remedy Salve my pain felt so light I was able to move all day with no discomfort!  This is the first product that has worked and I have told all my friends.”

Susan Hinter, 82


“I had not slept a full night’s sleep for over 8 months since my divorce and after two full droppers of the Tranquility Tincture by White Fox I fell asleep right away and stayed in a deep slumber for 8 hours!  I take it every night and I feel bright in the morning along with more mobility n my whole body.  This really is the best overall wellness support I have found.”

Jennifer O., Naturopathic Doctor


“I suffered from low back pain for years and I used to take cannabis for it, but now I can take the Awareness and Vitality CBD Tincture for the day time pain and the Tranquility Tincture to help me wind down and my back has been pain free for almost two weeks!  I had to write Scarlet and tell her thank you as now I get to be clear headed, and pain free and I feel like the medicine is keeping all my inflammation down which in turn allows me to feel incredible!”

Jim Johnson, 76


“After surgery my neck went out almost every other day and I don’t want to take chemical pain relievers anymore so I tried the Awareness and Vitality tincture combined with the Repair Remedy Salve and after just two applications the first day after my neck went out I was able to move my head from side to side and felt no pain!  This stuff truly works!”

Alejandro Gomez, 59


“I gardened for years and my hands become very locked from being used so often, I started to use the repair remedy salve each night and after three days of using is I have no more hand pain!  It’s beyond words to be able to do what I love again with such ease.”

Trudy K., 67


“White Fox Illuminating Massage oil is all I use on my clients these days, it’s the most transformative massage oil with the herbs and CBD every session ends in my client feeling more in sync with themselves along with the removal of physical pain!   I feel like this is the answer I have been waiting for.”

Jessica Cain, CMT


“I wanted to get my girlfriend a unique birthday gift so I got her the Full White Fox kit, she was so happy about the gift we used the Massage oil that night and I swear our hearts are connected in a much deeper way after our experience with White Fox, I am super grateful.”

Justin C. CEO


“Seeking wellness for my kids has always been a great motivation for me so when my daughter got eczema and White Fox Repair remedy was suggested by a friend we tried it, after three weeks my daughter rashes that I had tried steroids and chemicals on was gone!  After two months still no sign!  I am in tears grateful for her relief!”

Maggie S., Mom


“I always suffered from anxiety so I tried the Tranquility Tincture by White Fox and after ten minutes from taking my first dropper my heart felt peaceful and my mind tranquil.  I was blown away by how fast it worked and my whole life has shifted since I found this healing medicine!”

Tiffany K., Teacher


“Coffee started to give my horrible stomach aches so I was seeking to reset my body and find a new way to perk up in the morning, the Awareness and Vitality tincture worked so fast and I felt boosted for 3 hours after taking it!  Now I use it all throughout my work day, the coolest part is that not only does my stomach not hurt but my all over health has boosted so much!  I feel super vital for sure.”

Henry, Architect


“My dog had to go on a long trip with me and my boyfriend and he normally gets anxious so I asked Scarlet if I could use the Tranquility on him as it calms me down so much and she suggested we try ¼ dropper, so we gave it to him 30 minutes before we left and he slept in the back seat for the first 5 hours!  This is unheard of!  Not only that but he no longer even gets anxious in cars!”

Kitty Wilson, Artist


“After years of doctors giving me prescriptions I was excited to switch to an all-natural approach, White Fox was my first stop as all my friends recommended it.  I started with the Salve on my joints and back and the Tranquility tincture and I was able to eat a full meal while sitting with no pain for the first time in years!  I have since gotten off all my prescriptions for pain and started working with a natural approach.  I’ll forever be grateful for this medicine it truly changed my life and I know it saved my long-term health.”

Aaron B. Entrepreneur


“I trained for a 15k race for a month then I found White Fox CBD, the awareness and vitality tincture made my muscle recovery time extremely fast and I used to hit a wall at 10k when after taking the tincture I had no wall to hit!  I am so impressed with the effectiveness of this CBD I no longer swell after workouts and I feel the most vital I have ever felt!”

Stephanie S., Personal Trainer


“My girlfriends and I went wine tasting all day and wine typically gives me a headache which it did so I took the tranquility tincture around 8 that night and by dinner time I had bounced back fully whereas in the past I would have had to call it a night!  I am so excited to have an organic medicine that really does the trick!  Thank you White Fox!

Amanda, B. Designer


“My PMS has always been hard for me pain wise and I normally miss work because of it so I tried the repair Remedy Salve with the Tranquility tincture and not only did my cramps pass in less than 30 minutes but my irritability went away and I felt no PMS symptoms!  This is my new self-care routine totally changing my relationship to my cycle!”

Mia W. Artist


“I drank Coffee for over 30 years and never felt the up anymore, I found White Fox at the Emerald Cup and tried the Awareness and Vitality Shooter, after 10 minutes me and all my friends that took shots got super boosted but not only that I could focus better in conversation!  I hadn’t felt my brain that awake in years!”

Josh S. 49


“I have been in wellness for 30 plus years and this is the first CBD line I have ever wanted to stand behind.  Every product is cared for so delicately and the formulas work perfectly for the people, it’s amazing to see this level of medicine available in our market today.”

Samuel Johnson, Whole Foods Wellness