White Fox History

White Fox™️ bio:

White Fox is a legacy Cannabis and Wellness brand creating unique and forward thinking products to the national hemp market, the Cannabis CA. based market and now branching into the herbal alchemy world of herbs solo.

Started in Northern California White Fox™️ also stands for love, the raising of awareness and empowering people to align with their best selves and each individual product that is created is geared to enhance these inner qualities for each consumer.

Launched in 2018 was the first and only Ancient Ayruvedic herbal Cannabis vape line activating very specific qualities for both men and woman utilizing 5,000 year old herbal wisdom enhanced by California Cannabis. This Vape line makes waves in Rolling Stones, Leafly, Heads lifestyle, Business Insider, Endgaget, Marijuana Venture and MG Retailer just to name a few quoted as "The leading frontier of Cannabis medicine" by Engadget.

Launched in December of 2018 was White Fox Nectars™️ an all organic Hemp derived CBD line alchemized with other herbs to create an enhanced effect to enliven the body, mind and spirit. This line began with four key items, two topicals and two tinctures and has since expanded into incorporating two new artist collab tinctures to transfer the medicinal imprint of an artist into a consumable tincture! This line has won Best Therapeutic CBD by High Times Magazine along with Top Ten Topicals by Healthline.com, with write ups by Weed Maps, MG Retailer, Cannabis Afficianado, Scienece and Tech just to name a few the people are raving about this medicinal line that WORKS and is all Organic.

White Fox™️ is always committed to creating the highest quality ingredients packaged in the highest quality containers to symbolism on the labels that activates higher states of consciousness to being more light, laughter and joy into this world. This isn't just a Brand, this is a movement towards awakening.

Scarlet Ravin, Founder/CEO/Alchemist