White Fox™️ Workshops


Curious how Scarlet Listens to the Spirit of the Plants?
Each White Fox formula was transmitted to Scarlet through symbols, words and visions...She can show you how.
Communicate with Plant Spirits Workshop is back and here to offer you a deeper connection with yourself that unfolds into other dimensions of wonder, healing, illumination and love.  Each plant spirit is here to teach us something beyond the physical...It's time we all heard their messages.

Founder Scarlet Ravin offers a wide variety of Medicinal workshops all interwoven with our specialty White Fox™️ formulations holding space for learning new ways of being with our health, wellness and spirit.  These special gatherings will infuse you with the wisdom one needs to empower themselves with their health, tune into their own path for wellness and be supported with the information given to us by plant spirits.


The White Fox™️ experience will provide ways of connecting with our animal guides transmitting the symbolism of their medicine into every day ways of being in order to gather this wisdom for higher ways of living.  This insight combined with our plant spirit guided wellness plan will lift you into a state of inner connection which transmutes to outer life empowerment.


Workshops can range from 1-5 hours depending on size of group and intention and locations vary depending on location requested.  Each workshop is priced per the experience, in order to design something for you contact Scarlet via email and set up a consult to get your transformative party lined up.  Scarlet@whitefoxmedicinals.com

if you would like to inquire about a workshop send us a message here