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Buffalo Skull Panties

Sexy, Sultry and Inspired we bring you our line of White Fox™️ panties!  These Boy Short style underwear sit nice

Owl Panties

Sexy, Sultry and Inspired we bring you our line of White Fox™️ panties!  These Boy Short style underwear sit nice

Fox Skull Sweat Shirt

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $40.00.

Earth Medicine Sweat Shirt!

  Sized for the ladies folks!  Runs a bit small.  I am wearing a small in these pictures.  Inside is the softest fleece known to man with our White Fox Logo over the chest and our Skull Image on the back!   Quantities are Limited!

Psilocybin Transmissions


The Spirit of Psilocybin Speaks

Why is Psilocybin here?

What should I do if I take a bunch of mushrooms?


All of these questions and more answered for you in the Book channeled from the Spirit of Psilocybin.

To learn more about these offerings go to

Customized White Fox Vape Battery CCell

Original price was: $10.00.Current price is: $5.00.


These Beautiful Custom batteries are made to go with our Ancient Ayurvedic Vape Cartridges!  To learn more go to

These CCell's fit all Cell Vape Carts

Hawk Awareness and Vitality Shooter 10mg CBD



Get a boost of awareness with each shot!

This alchemy may allow you to feel more focused, driven and tuned in while unwinding the inflammation in your body activating a Vitality that will last all day.  Our unique combination of Full Spectrum CBD with organic adaptogenic herbs will enhance your body mind and spirit, shake off any hang over, enliven your training and shorten your recovery time.

Effects may be felt in 15-20 minutes after one full dropper!  Ready for a perk other then coffee?  Enjoy Wellness that will increase daily as you partake in this new next level preventive medicinal approach to your health!

APPLICATION:  ( You May Feel) Energy Boost, Hang over relief, Training Recovery Time, Immunity Boost, Sensual Energy Boost, Endurance Increase, Mental Stamina, Body Pain, Inflammation ,Strength Increase

Tranquility Tincture Shooter 10mg CBD




If you get stressed throughout the day these little shooters are perfect to remind you of calmness, relaxation and deep inner peace!  The perfect size for a daily dose!

Organic Self Love Sugar Scrub

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $20.00.

"My Skin has never felt more soft and silky!"


Is what you're going to say after you try our Self Love Sugar Scrub!

Starlight’s CBD Bath Soak

Original price was: $18.00.Current price is: $13.00.

Perfect Single CBD Bath Soak Dose!

This cute little tube is perfect for one very strong CBD bath experience!  With 150mg of CBD in each tube you'll get to relax into the depths of your Wholeness.

Resonance 600mg CBD 30ml



Simple yet effective formula of organic Full Spectrum cbd in MCT oil!  We use the most fresh crops for this infusion so each batch may taste a little different.

This formula also works great on cats and dogs to help them heal their pain and inflammation.

Illuminating Massage Oil 200 MG CBD

Original price was: $52.00.Current price is: $42.00.



This powerful healing oil will relax you deeply during massage, heal pain and inflammation while inspiring your deepest Spiritual Glow!


The scent of Sandalwood also has been known for its aphrodisiac effects so this is a wonderful medicine for couples and healing love.

Awareness & Vitality Tincture 300 MG CBD


Day Time Upper with Immune Benefits

Get ready to feel a boost of energy and focus while also supporting the strengthening of your immune system! This is our Day time awaken tincture, where as our Tranquility  is our nighttime sleepy tincture.

Enjoy the energy boost and pain relief while you inspire throughout your day!