Curandera Eyes – the First Online Course Geared towards ending the Suffering for you.


Develop Compassion.  Strengthen your Healing Gifts.  Train your Mind to see as a Healer See’s.

Ready to Join a new movement ? I’m Scarlet, founder and Alchemist of White Fox Medicine I’m launching an online course to share with the world how one can end their own suffering and the suffering of others in this world.  We all know the past few years have been an intense transformation for many and it’s brought a bunch of healing to the surface. This course Curandera Eyes will show you how to see this world from Medicine Visions.  How to heal yourself with Plant Medicine and other specific teachings while also learning how to walk this Earth healing others with just your presence. 

Turning our world right side up again is very easy once you have the eyes to see the path.  This course illuminates a pathway to get you going on a life that resembles Heaven on Earth.  You have gifts within you that only you have and we need you to shine that gift on us. This course will show you how to do that.  How to see the Medicine in each moment of your life and how walking this way brings in everything you ever wanted or dreamed about.  The first 30 students will get to take the course at half off! Then regular pricing will resume.  Stay tuned… join the movement of awakened beings that have strengthened their unique gifts and are locked and loaded to heal this world.  It’s time.  Vaya Con Dios!

The suffering of Humanity is a call for more love, more compassion, and the skills to serve our fellow man in a way that Heals the Soul as well as the Body.  A Curandera sees as our Great Spirit sees, to see through the Eyes of God is to offer humanity a Miracle Healing, an Herbal Remedy, and maybe a Prayer.  Every person is going to require their own specific remedy for their healing path, as a Healer it’s your job to know what they need and then get out of the way so Higher Powers can move through you and heal them.

This is a comprehensive 8-week course going over major focuses and personal practices of a Curandero. 

This online course is hosted by White Fox Medicine, a Full Spectrum herbal wellness portal that serves your healing needs as well as providing prayers and emotional support.  If you want to walk through this world serving others, you will LOVE this course.

Would you like to learn how to heal yourself with the help of Psilocybin Medicine? This week-long course for $11 will answer the most asked questions on Micro-Dosing, Deep Dives, Integration, and how Psilocybin Heals.


Course Overview


Overview of how the brain works, how you have two brains, and how to summon any answer from the Divine.

The Importance of Mycelium and its impact on your Healing Journey.

Day 2

Micro-Dosing Questions Answered

Why I use an Entourage Effect for Healing through Micro-Dosing

How our level of Awareness and Consciousness affects the Healing process with Psilocybin

How Psilocybin is a consciousness Medicine and has the ability to heal way more than we think it heals.

Day 3

How our thoughts create our reality, and how Psilocybin can help us upgrade these thoughts to improve our reality greatly.

Day 4

Deep Dive with Psilocybin!  What does a large dose feel like, how to prepare, and what to do if your trip feels uncomfortable.

Meet a Medicine Woman that will lovingly take you on a deep-dive healing journey.

Day 5

Ailments I have seen Psilocybin heal

Factors that may contribute to how Psilocybin makes you feel

Detoxing or lack thereof

Mental Beliefs and Attitudes

Overall Vitality

Day 6

Extra activities with Psilocybin, hiking, hot spring soaking, massages, and sex.

Day 7

Integration, how to integrate and get the most out of your healing journey