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Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment



This is a guide to training your mind so you can remember who you are in a state of Wholeness.  If you have yet to discover mind training and you wish to feel love, peace and joy in your life please take a moment to read this book and discover the importance of mind training on your journey to Enlightenment.

In Love with God, Confessions on my Pathway to Enlightenment


"With an open Heart I share Myself with You"




This book is an open hearted confession of my pathway to Enlightenment and some of the most profound teachings I have gotten to know.  I have ben submerged in the Plant Medicine world for over a decade and when I discovered that surrendering to the will of God has the same healing and illuminating effects as Taking a Plant Medicine Journey I felt called to share this insight with you all.

Love Kit


Welcome to our Alchemical LOVE KIT


Share deeply loving poems to our natural kingdom while covering yourself in a loving chocolate cacoon that is edible!


We have combined out new book of Love Poems with our Best Selling chocolate body cream to give you a beautiful Love Kit!


Naked Starseed Ascension Handbook * Blood Type: Galaxy Dust


This Book you see here is a Living Codex, A Visionary text to Awaken your Ascended Mastery.  The New Earth is here, we are All Ascending and the words in this book are coded in Light Language to Awaken your DNA and create a Pathway for you to Walk back to the Power Inside of Yourself.

Notas De Amor


Love notes have typically been expressed inside of Romantic courtship between humans.  However, this rare collection of love notes happens to be the outpouring of love towards plants, animals, our sun and moon and all the other incredible things Mother Nature has provided for us.  Scarlet Ravin captures the Divine dance between human, animal and plants in this collection of notes she has written for what she loves.  This book is also an active portal, bringing you into the New Earth, where humans, animals, plants and our solar system live as one in love.  This book also includes a Spanish translation offering a dance of Love in two languages.  The art on the cover was painted especially for this book, bringing you into the New Earth through a San Pedro Portal, by Louise Boscott.

Ready to enter into a new kingdom?  One of Love, Divinity and Unity?

Psilocybin Transmissions


The Spirit of Psilocybin Speaks

Why is Psilocybin here?

What should I do if I take a bunch of mushrooms?


All of these questions and more answered for you in the Book channeled from the Spirit of Psilocybin.

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Scarlet’s Book Collection


If you are interested in a collection of books that lead you to inner Freedom, then here is your perfect Book Collection!


You will receive one of each of the pictured books including:


Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment

Naked Starseed Guide to Enlightenment

Psilocybin Transmission (Soft Back)

In Love with God, Insights from my Pathway to Enlightenment

Notas De Amor


Each Book will be Signed by Scarlet with a Prayer Included, Blessings to you all, and enjoy your pathway to Inner Freedom!