Allow the following information to better describe our Shipping Policies so that we may all be on the same page about this magical delivery process!

ALL orders must be cancelled with a 24-hour notice of shipping, meaning if you order something on Thursday and it’s an overnight shipping you bought you cannot cancel this order as we will be prepared to ship it for you Friday AM.

Once we ship your item you will receive a tracking notice.  It is best you track your own package and stay in the know with your local post office to track its arrival.  If your package is stolen or does not arrive after the expected delivery date please contact us so we may help file a dispute with you and the local post to make sure you get what you ordered.

White Fox has zero control over the speed as to how your package arrives.  Once It’s in the hands of the shipping carrier it’s not on us to speed them up.  Meaning if your upset at the arrival of your package please contact the shipping carrier and now White Fox.  Yelling at us, being aggressive to us will not speed up the delivery of your package and will get you banned completely from ever purchasing from us again.

We expect kindness, care and love from you and we will give you the same kindness care and love right back!  Any aggression or verbal violence will result in a block, ban from future orders and removal from our medicine circle.

Thank you for choosing White Fox!